LAT: Publishers are reeling from Trump’s win, but the news is not all bad

Los Angeles Times: The morning after Donald Trump won the presidential election, Paul Bogaards awoke with “a feeling of despair and dread or worse.” The director of public relations at Knopf Doubleday emailed that to his staff; he also told them that if they needed to they could take the day off, but that he was going to work that day…

Bogaards’ message about the power of books was meant to fend off a sense of foreboding widely shared in New York literary and publishing circles. By and large, people in publishing had expected Hillary Clinton to win the presidency. Mainstream publishing “exists in a bubble, in the same way that the media exists in a bubble,” Bogaards told The Times.

“We are, for the most part, a bastion of the liberal elite,” he added ruefully. That Donald Trump will be president of the United States has shaken that community to the core…

“Pretty grim,” is how Dayna Tortorici, co-editor of the small leftist intellectual magazine n+1, described the mood in its offices in Brooklyn. “We’re still reeling.” n+1 had been in the middle of closing an issue when the results came in late on Nov. 8 — and stopped. Several articles in the issue were predicated on the expectation of a Clinton presidency.

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