Bnai David-Judea Shul Struggles With The Election Result

I would estimate that 80-90% of the members of the modern orthodox synagogue Bnai David are on the Left. There must have been a sense of mourning there following the election.

On Shabbat, its rabbi, Yosef Kanefsky, said from the bima: “For the truth is that every single one of us is shaken and upset today, no matter who we voted for. For over the past many months, the values that every single one of us holds dear, the values that we have received from our parents and try desperately to instill in our children, value like trustworthiness and truthfulness, compassion and empathy, respect for others and humility within oneself – have been debased and belittled, mocked and ridiculed on the most public of public stages. And now we face – all of us together – the frightful prospects that the American social fabric has been severely damaged, and that those with the darkest understanding of America are emerging empowered.”

If you want something really shocking, study the Torah and the Talmud. They are far more shocking than this election. I don’t have much sympathy for Jews who have studied Torah and then proclaim how shocking and awful the goyim are. Shul politics tends to be at least as brutal as American politics including Trumpian politics. There’s nothing Donald Trump has said that is not said in a shul on Shabbos morning.

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