Big Media seem to be weaponizing every mentally marginal SJW out there

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* These wussified ‘rioters’ will change nothing. Trump WILL be their President.

Reminds me of low IQ blacks who burn their own neighborhoods and then complain that there are no local services.

* The media really has been exposed as a monolithic propaganda machine. Stories have been run about small children being fearful of the ogre Trump and what he’ll do to them. Various foreign leaders critical of him have been given airtime including an Iranian one. Since when did the US media care about that? Apart from the usual professional protesters and political-cult groups such as the Avakian followers it’s interesting how a large part of the population can be manipulated and brainwashed into being hysterical about some ’cause’. Those chump students were just Clinton’s rabble to help get the crooked power-seeking sociopath into power. That she might touch off armed confrontations overseas potentially costing us trillions and getting many people killed is nothing as compared to transgender toilet wars. Those dopes in the street certainly have their priorities straight. Now that they have this army at their disposal I wonder what new jobs they’ll be given. Yes, just like the ‘color revolutions’ elsewhere the same manipulative tactics can be used domestically. Time to refer back to the Gene Sharp handbook.

* Is there any precedent in American history for riots after your side loses a fair election?

(Actually, it was a more than fair (to Hillary) election, with the press in the can for her, Trump’s own party not fully behind him, etc. – it was as if Trump had spotted her 6 strokes and she still lost anyway.)

What is the message of these riots? That the left will only accept democracy when they win?

* He would be well advised to lose the impulse to take on anything that isn’t actually an existential threat to the US (news flash: ISIS is not). He’d be well advised to walk away militarily from NATO (let France lead it, like they always thought they did) and Europe before we get sucked into their implosion. He’d be well advised to leave the middle east to sort out its own problems, while building up a real defensive capability to keep the so-called Homeland safe, and by trading fairly with the rest of the world as a nation of commerce rather than an empire of mercantilism.

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