How Many Weaponized Jews Can Trump Count On?

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* It’s too bad that the Trumpian Right’s stable of weaponized Jews is so limited. You have Miller, Gottfried, Mercer and just a few more. Think of them like BattleMechs towering over the ideological battleground. So Trump is good on infantry and armor and low on the colossi that dominate the battlefields of the Successor State in the 20th and 21st centuries. I’ve been reading Battletech novels on the plane recently.

* I remember following a link to a video of this speech. Listening to it literally gave me goosebumps. Miller is an inspired orator.

His speeches aren’t the usual agglomerations of vaporous, empty, and frequently purloined strings of words that Americans are accustomed to hearing praised as brilliant oratory. Instead Miller is inspired by what he feels in his heart and then uses his intellect and rhetorical sensibility to craft words that will inspire millions. He is a gift to the entire nation; someone who may elevate America’s public discourse to levels it has not reached in decades or generations.

* It seems clear enough that Miller has been a Sailer fan for several years and look at the good he has managed to do by not talking about that. I’m sure he can play close to the vest on many of our dissident people and policies.

* What the alt-* movement lacks is a large corpus of well reasoned, eloquent writings and speeches to express its point of view — or, really, views.

Our admirable host Steve — may the powers of the universe bless him with the long and finally prosperous life he deserves — has done remarkable work to stake out basic features of the vision. Ann Coulter, Derb, Mickey Kaus and a few others have come at it from different angles.

But the movement needs a large body of thinkers and writers to bring it into full flower and lasting effect. It needs speechwriters, political scientists, social scientists more generally, and a large crew of pundits to figure out and articulate its philosophy and set of policies.

The beauty of the Trump Presidency is its immediate and inherent vesting of high importance on the ideas that animate it. Many smart, ambitious individuals will see an opportunity to make a mark by pursuing roles in this venture. Driven by their own rationality, and the heady sense of rebellion against the staid and stifling status quo of political correctness, they can count themselves as among the visionaries spearheading a revolution in our culture and politics.

Trump picked up the $1000 bill lying in the street. We need others to pick up the $1000 bills that lie on the streets in their neighborhoods — whether they be in speechwriting, social science, philosophy, or punditry.

* [Marc] Levin was totally whiny and has complained about Trump since he won the party’s nomination, telling us that Trump was a terrible candidate, had no political experience, wasn’t an insider lawyer, and therefore could not win. Hey Levin you dumbass, Trump’s outsider status beholden to no special interests is a major reason why he won the nomination and presidency. Levin is a stubborn bugger, though, he’ll learn nothing and never admit he was wrong on anything. He does not listen to callers who might disagree with him. I think the guy is a bully and a loud-mouthed jerk. “There I said it” as Levin likes to say.

He was all bent out of shape b/c Trump is not in Levin’s narrow strange mind, a “Constitutional Conservative.” Levin loves Cruz and if Cruz had run, Hillary would have won. I wish Levin would go away, he is an establishment “free trade” globalist insider lawyer. He loves to tell us about the Constitution; but how was Donald Trump anti-constitution in any way? Levin is very stubborn and rigid. After Trump won the nomination, Levin could not bring himself to really support Trump — his tack was 100% anti-HIllary (there is a difference). To the extent he ever mentions immigration, he’ll say he’s against illegal, maybe. Levin needs 5000 Somalis dropped into his neighborhood. I am done listening to this stubborn narrow-minded globalist free trade ideologue.

* Haha–a much deflated Jonah Goldberg and Rich Lowry on Fox News. Goldberg still has “grave reservations” about Donald Trump and is going to wait to see “which Donald Trump emerges.” Lowry still has “heavy misgivings about his character and temperament.” Like anyone gives a shit about their opinions. These guys really need to be deprived of media oxygen. They have nothing of value to contribute and I think they’re aware of it.

* I hope they reach out to Pat Buchanan. Trade/immigration restriction/America First/anti-PC is Pat Buchanan and has been for 25+ years. No one has ever been as thoroughly vindicated as Buchanan was on Tuesday.

* Levin is a vapid neocon, but he’s at least got a populist streak, as evidenced by his willing to pound the drum on immigration more than the likes of Hewitt and Medved.

It’s frustrating to have such a confirmed lightweight wield so much power in conservative media though. He’s got Steyn and Malkin working for him now, when it really should be the other way around.

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