The Way Forward

Chaim Amalek writes: What this country needs is a new political party that embraces:
1. The need for strongly defended borders and an immigration police force to expel those here illegally.
2. A measure of socialism for things like health care, old age pensions, and schooling.
3. A nationalistic outlook, putting Americans and America first.
4. High taxes (like when Eisenhower was President) on Wall Street. And high taxes on corporate CEOs who did not start their own companies.
5. A mighty military, including nukes.
6. A foreign policy that is mostly hands off and that does not bother trying to civilize other nations to our standards at gunpoint.
7. Limiting immigration into the US to emigration out of the US on a country -by-country basis.
8. Paying illegal aliens a minimum wage of $75/hour, collectible on their way out of the US, right at the border or airport jetway.
9. Pushing advanced nuclear power reactors (e.g., molten salt, thorium, etc.).
10. Fracking wherever the locals also embrace it.
11. Seeing Americans not as mere consumers, but as producers – workers, and adjusting trade policies accordingly.
12. Breaking up the great media combinations that have occurred over the last 30 years.
13. Re-establishing something like Glass-Steagall for banks.
14. Letting women figure out how to handle unwanted pregnancies on their own, in most cases.
15. Shooting heroin smugglers after a suitable speedy trial.
16. Boosting the minimum wage, banning unpaid internships at wealthy companies, and in general, offering the American worker the sort of benefits that German workers have.
The first party that organizes itself around these principles wins and replaces one of the other two.

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