Clinton Insider Neera Tanden Complains About “White Boys”

“I’m not the diversity police but there is grumbling on the 4 white boys running next presidential cycle,” Neera Tanden wrote in January 2015. “So I recommend rolling out some people who look like the rest of America soon!”


Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Neera Tanden….kinda cute her images are on the internet. Miss potty mouth likes to use the f-bomb in her revealed Podesta emails.
Here is nice photo of her. She looks European with a tan.

* In all fairness to Neera, she does have her own personal White Boy to service her: husband Benjamin Edwards from Iowa City, Iowa.

She likely supports him as well, for his art is of that peculiar and unmarketable PoMo style.

* Despite the “white boys” chatter Neera Tanden appears to prefer cream in her coffee, like most coloured folk.

* (((Benjamin))) has probably already explained to her that he’s not really a “white” boy.

* If you look at Neara Tanden’s wikipedia entry, she grew up poor on welfare for a while and got great educations UCLA and Yale Law so I am assuming lots of scholarships and free rides due to her ethnicity. She has the brains to not need affirmative action.

Her parents born in India. Neara Tanden is born here and is already sabotaging traditional white America. They don’t wait anymore and have less than zero gratitude that they were allowed to immigrate (via parents) in the first place. And get boatloads of white funded scholarships.

********In one email, Neera Tanden stated that “Israel is depressing. It’s a good lesson that the wing nuts are just ruthless in every country.”[9]

******* She talks trash about white boys but she married one. Will her children get affirmative action bennies?

* Why does Hillary surround herself with so many South Asian women (Neera Tanden, Huma Abedin)? They’re ony 1.5% of America’s population, but there are a disproportionate number of them around Hillary.

* Insecurity. She likes to be surrounded by deferential inferiors. And no straight White men. Explains why Hillary’s career has been a train wreck of incompetence and corruption. Imagine her administration…

* Neera Tanden is surrounded everyday by white male achievement. Her house, her health, her clothes, her tech, her transportation, her city, her state, her country, her adopted civilization, her civic society.

Neera owes everything to white guys. Her freedom and also her personal safety. The white guy system of laws provides a safe space for whiny bitches like Neera to live as they please.

The ingratitude!

* “So I recommend rolling out some people who look like the rest of America soon!”

That is a rather evil phrase, used to dispossess whichever racial group is currently not in style.

Success in the future relies on being able to put together a group that pointedly does NOT look like the rest of America.

* “Tanden is a South Asian woman.”

She sure know to connect the Dots.

But she ought to know those white boys are merely tools of Jewb—. But I dare her point that out in the NYT.

With her and Alv Chang and others, I see a pattern. Jews at NYT celebrate and use diversity by training non-white writers to focus on gentile white men as the source of all evil.

It’s Diverse Dogs on a Jewish leash barking at white boys.

I prefer Anton Chigurh. Horrifying as he was, he attacked everyone.

* A challenge to us all.

Next time you hear someone dissing whites, call them out on it.

Your call out should be in calm and measured terms and tones, but should nevertheless convey that you are upset by their racist remarks.

Watch them back down.

Then enjoy.

* Actually normal Indians are not bad. It’s only when they become Americanized that they become anti-white racists, due to our toxic political climate charged with hate.

In general, the closer you get to the elite global power structure, the more it all turns into a dark, noxious, fetid ooze.

Neera Tanden represents fagets who went to Yale far more than she represents regular Indians.


Obviously, Tanden intended “white boys” as a racist and sexist slur

It could be a throwaway, jocular line (she blames the “grumbling” on others). Or maybe she thinks of “white boys” in a love/hate ambivalent way: She’s attracted (married one), but subconsciously feels inferior/hostile due to her ‘non-white child of immigrants’ background, and thus agitates for political outcomes that make her feel better about herself.

Tanden grew up in Bedford, MA (next door to Revolutionary Lexington and Concord), a town in the region where Jhumpa Lahiri’s protagonist in the novel The Namesake grows up. The title character (b.1968, Tanden b.1970) is a man born to immigrants and struggles with his Indian heritage/identity.

A different flavor of alienation shows up in the standup of Aziz Ansari, who seems bitter about being short, dark, and thought of as foreign. Lots of trauma at the hands of Mean Girls and Haven Monahans.

It would be nice if ‘alienated’ children of non-white immigrants simply realize they are lucky to be here, or failing that, at least properly place the blame on their parents who voluntarily came to this terrible, racist place.

* One of the very few things I agreed with the feminists on was the annoyance of women constantly being judged on looks even in areas where it’s inappropriate. Margaret Thatcher wasn’t that cute–who cares? You’d rather have Sarah Palin, who’s attractive but not that knowledgeable? Feminists are ugly–so? What matters is if they’re *wrong*. We’re not talking girlfriend material here.


* She is a whiter kind of South Asian. I wonder if she uses skin cream.

South Asian ‘Aryans’ and Latin-American white elites pull the same dirty trick.

Though much whiter and privileged than the great majority of their countrymen(many of whom were subject peoples of distant white conquerors), they play the people-of-color card against whiter whites in EU and US.

White boys ought to call her a WHITE South Asian Princess.

And it needs to be asked again and again. If these folks are so hostile to whiteness, why do they insist on coming to live in white nations under white power structure? Why don’t they prefer their own? Do they feel their own kind is inferior as neighbors, co-workers, managers, and leaders?

“I hate white folks with whom I want to live.” That is globalism.

* As an aside I should say I really like Indians. Of all non-European ethnic groups, their souls are most akin to ours. After all, which other ethnic group embraces self-abegnating altruism (Buddha, Gandhi, the Jains) to the same suicidal extent as us? Can’t imagine Kim Kardashian, from a technically “whiter” but entirely self-serving rug-merchant ethny, stopping to save a dying child in the street if it means breaking a nail.

With that said (and with all due props to all the brothers-in-arms like Reihan Salam, Dinesh D’Souza, Razib Khan, etc., etc.) it is astonishing how quickly Indian-Americans have insinuated themselves into the upper tiers of American politics, business, etc. with some very nonsalutory effects (the high-profile white collar/insider trading crime cases of the last several years have featured them in wildly out-of-proportion numbers). Are we in the midst of another Veddic invasion? The formation of a Hindu-Ashkenazi-Han elite caste, with various lower castes beneath them to do the plumbing, roofing, no-sleep truck driving, deep-sea Alaska crab fishing? I’m sure a whole new codex of taboos broken by the lower castes and justifying their abject state will be codified too (sexism, heteronormatism, implicit bias). I can even suggest a name for these new lowest-of-the-lowes- instead of “Untouchables”, how about “Deplorables”.

* When “America” becomes short-hand for Non-White, expect White Men the only ones left out of the party, while paying for it, to burn the whole thing down. Not with torchlight marches or even collective action, but radically atomized individual actions of sand in the gears, or worse. I’ll note that while home DNA sequencing is still primitive, it does exist, and much like the maker movement generally (which is generally but not exclusively a White male identity movement) provides a lot of opportunities. It takes but one angry White man fired to make way for some non-White incompetent to brew up a virus that kills say, 90% of the African, or Indian, or Middle Eastern population. Should he desire.

The reason this has not happened already is that almost all White men consider America to be theirs by reason of heritage, birthright, and their ancestors sacrifice in battle. Paid for in White Male blood in other words. Should that change the desire to burn everything down would change. And individual radically atomized is impossible to stop; since he would talk to no one, speak to no one, leave no marker of intent and would be impossible to find.

But just as importantly this shows the bankruptcy of Martin Luther King’s “Dream” and indeed the whole Lennonist “one people.” There will be either serfs or masters. There will be no possibility, EVER, of non-Whites and Whites living as equals. ONE will be the slave of the other. Non Whites are not interested in full equality, but rather racial rule over Whites, particularly White men.

Thus the choice for White men is simple: A. be slaves of Non-Whites (with White women along as their concubines/camp followers); B. make non-Whites their slaves; C. total separation and self-determination along the lines of the Easter Rising and anti-Colonialism in the 1950′s and 1960s in Africa and SE Asia. I personally vote C.

Regardless Martin Luther King Jr. has to be marked as someone like Marx whose ideas were not only spectacularly wrong but harmful.

* Jews think they out-competed the WASP elite on brains alone when it was more a mixture of brains and nepotism.

And now they’re replacing the White population to prevent a resurgence.

However high caste south Asians have a similar mix of brains and nepotism.

The end result, if successful, will be a dystopia either way as neither group has any sense of stewardship but I’d put money on the south Asians coming out on top once they have the edge in numbers.

(Leaving aside the politics of it all the most interesting part of all this from an hbd point of view is Jews are a test case of gene-culture evolution – they became adapted to White people.)

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