Is The Election Already Over?

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* I think the current “thing” by the media and all TV commentators/hosts is to beat the drum (every moment until Nov. 8) that Trump is soooo woefully behind, that you might as well not vote, is a tactic that is employed by so many people right now, whether on FB, TV, NPR, etc. Get Trump supporters distressed and pessimistic.

Sometimes, I feel like Trump has spoken in code to his base…meaning, don’t tell “the enemy” your plans. With no signs out on lawns (see more for Trump, if anything) I for one, will thoroughly enjoy the exploding heads of the media who have been so in the tank for Clinton. Everyone (ex. Hannity) in the world of media, has ignored Hillary’s corruption/CF corruption/Wikileaks. I feel that this will be a major wound for this country, and the trust in the media will disappear either way. Not one day, can I find a talking head who speaks about Wikileaks (except spouting about Russian nonsense), and all the corruption exposed of Clinton. It is sickening. Well, at least I can dump a lot of subscriptions after this election since I have only gotten continuous propaganda for one year!

Trump needs to jet to as many rallies as possible, everyday, and keep beating his drums. People usually don’t lose confidence this late in the game – my prediction.

And, GOP needs to be told that this is about the SCOTUS choices coming up in the next 4 years, which, if they don’t support Trump now, will assure them of never getting any of their policies through, nor ever finding a palatable candidate to face Chelsea or Huma in 15 years.

I know an overwhelming amount of people who are voting for Trump but will not tell their neighbors/co-workers/spouses/polsters. And, this tactic to “legitimize” Trump falling ever so far behind, in polls, is the latest soup d’jour since sex-women-sex-women didn’t do it. And, pleez, the DNC went ballistic when GWB won! So the whole, “He must accept results,” is so pathetic.

I think it is very interesting that all the chatter about the polls is coming from the Northeast Coast & California. The disrespect (I should say hatred) all liberals on the West Coast and Northeast Coast have towards the American people in between, is truly frightening. I predict it is going to backfire one way or the other.

Lastly, this latest canard, that rich people will not vote for Trump is silly. In the long-run, they know the CF is a corrupt enterprise, and their fortunes may be on the line for her to please the middle class by expecting the top .1% to pay more taxes to fund the education initiatives, infrastructure, messy, no-end-in-sight jihadi wars in the ME, stuff like that – where else is she going to get that money? And, the merely rich, the $500K-low millions, well, their taxes will go to Scandinavian levels, so 45-60% (’cause that’s what Bernie so admired about Denmark). So, I’m not buying the, people earning 250K+ being so eager to vote for Hillary; since she is going to raise taxes from that level on up. The deficit/National Debt is embarrassing, so she will expect everyone to “chip in.” And, the people earning less than $400K, well, they all know that if you live in the coastal metro areas, that will not pay for elite U’s/private/schools/a decent place to live/decent retirement. People always forget about net income. I predict jittery voters pushing the lever for Trump in the last moment (especially 8 years of low growth and despair), ’cause, like who’s gonna know?

* I just flipped through the Sunday Times and every article is viciously anti-Trump, fawning over Clinton, or pushing the gay agenda. I’ve decided to cancel it after subscribing since 1990. I’ll miss parts of it, but I can’t in good conscience give these people my money any more.

* Look, there are three tracking polls that show Trump either tied or up a point or two at this time: IBD, Rasmussen, and LA Times.

The ABC poll shows him down by 12 pts. Either the three polls are all totally corrupted by systematic bias, or the ABC poll is (or possibly all 4 of them are so corrupted).

Seeing discrepancies this extreme, and especially at this stage of the election, where if anything one would expect more convergence, I have to believe that there’s serious manipulation involved. And I frankly believe that the pollsters for the media no longer have any compunction about engaging in clear manipulation. The media paying for these polls have already committed themselves to unprecedented distortion of the news on behalf of their candidate, and also see their own reputation and future at stake because of Trump’s attack on them.

The media and its minions have never been as dishonest as in this election — it’s not even close — they’ve lapped themslves.

* I think a lot of anger with Trump has to do with the fact that his championing of the American Worker and those left behind really exposed and embarrassed the so-called ‘left’ and ‘progressives’ who are now behind a candidate lavished by Wall Street, military-industrial complex, and globalist super-rich.

How dare Trump, the hero of the American New Right, energize American Workers all across the country while so-called ‘progressives’ in institutions and NGO’s are hobnobbing with the super-elites in corridors of power.

I think the progs would hate Trump less if he ran only on rightist issues. They feel threatened because he ran on some leftist issues addressing the American worker and even blacks who are swamped by immigration. He has stolen their thunder, and they cannot forgive him. Not because he is too ‘rightist’ but because he stole fire from the left by exposing the current left as being bedfellows of globalist oligarchs.
It is Trump’s leftist aspect that is most damaging to the current left that fixates mostly on gender-pronoun politics of pampered college kids. Conservative leftism is demeaned as ‘populism’, and even Michael Moore is upset because someone from the GOP is running on Roger and Me politics. That was supposed to be his shtick, not Trump’s.

Another way in which Trump is threatening is he has “un-moralized” American politics. All the ‘family values’ and ‘good manners’ aspect of GOP politics made conservatives seem uptight, uncool, and trapped in the 1950s. And they were mocked mercilessly by hip media into swinging Bill Clinton and slick hipster Obama.

Trump’s shameless style has finally exposed America as a culturally and morally decrepit country. Trump is trashy and so is everyone else. No more pretensions otherwise. The notion of ‘presidential’ is out the window, especially after Clinton, W. Bush, and Obama(and Michelle). Hillary is surrounded by the likes of Lena Dunham and Miley Cyrus. Obama’s daughter twerks like a whore and smokes pot. Brian Williams’ daughter get rimjob on TV. Family Guy is on primetime slot.

Trump seems to say, Okay, this is America. It is trash. So now, it’s all about raw power and naked interests. He had denuded politics of bogus morality that has been lost long ago and has lingered only as pretense. It’s whore vs pimp.

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