Sexy Australian Actress Kate Fischer Now An Orthodox Jew & American Citizen & Trump Supporter

REPORT: AUSTRALIAN actress and model Kate Fischer has changed her name, her career path and even her religion as she shuns the spotlight for a quiet new life in Melbourne’s leafy suburb of Toorak.

The former star, who shot to fame in 1993 with the saucy hit film Sirens, has converted to Orthodox Judaism and now goes by the name T’Ziporah Malka bat Israel.

She told Woman’s Day in an exclusive interview: “I learned the hard way that it’s better to dress more modestly”. She joked about wearing braces and finally hopping off the damaging weight-loss rollercoaster she’d ridden since she was a teenager.

During the height of her fame, Fischer’s personal life became tabloid fodder thanks to a five-year relationship with Australian billionaire James Packer. The pair broke off their engagement in 1998 — Packer is now engaged to pop diva Mariah Carey.

Following their engagement, Fischer moved to the US, and is an American citizen. The 42-year-old daughter of Liberal MP Pru Goward is also a registered member of the Republican Party, and in photos publicly posted to her Facebook page she can be seen wearing T-shirts depicting Donald Trump and Jeb Bush. Her current Facebook cover photo is a pro-Trump meme depicting the Presidential nominee and various other far-right figures as ‘The Deplorables.’

…“Almost 20 years later she is back in Australia and leading a life which couldn’t be more different. She’s living in an apartment in Melbourne, working in an aged care home and studying Yiddish. She’s isn’t even Kate Fischer anymore, having changed her name to T’Ziporah Malka bat Israel after converting to Judaism. From all reports, she’s happier now than when she was a fixture on the A-list all those years ago.”



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