Now I know how the goy feels before Super Bowl kickoff – Second Presidential Debate

* I have a hard time believing a black woman is undecided.

* This crowd should all be white women and a couple asians if truly undecided.

* Trump starts weak.

* Hillary is totally fit to be a middle school principal.

* I would vote her chair of gender studies at Weslyan.

* That Muslim woman is totally undecided.

* Oh, where would America be without all out Muslims?

* To fight terrorists, we need to be as pussy as possible.

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* There’s no such thing as fighting dirty. You either win or lose and the winner gets to tell the story.

* The entire debate format, which ostensibly places the professional media in the role of (supposedly) unbiased questioner, unbiased fact-checker, candidate police, and umpire is ridiculous.

Debates would be much, much better if they had teams of partisan questioners, not “moderators” — i.e. Limbaugh asking partisan questions of Hillary, and in turn, some little punks from Daily Kos or Huffington Post asking partisan questions of Trump. And the candidates would respond to the questioners, not to each other.

That would be great, and highly informative.

* Problem with this is 4 years of Hillary after 8 years of Obama means game over. Mass immigration dooms the GOP is some of their stronger states, like Texas. Florida, North Carolina and Virginia will be blue forever. The demographics doom any GOP shot in the Electoral College. And SCOTUS; in addition to the Scalia seat. Ginsberg and Breyer figure to retire. Anthony Kennedy is 80, Clarence Thomas is 68. The GOP is still of the mind that we’ll get them next time. But there isn’t going to be a next time. It will be over.

* Welcome to the Unz Review, where disbarred lawyers and angry Russians argue over whether the Twin Towers were destroyed by nuclear weapons or Israeli holograms. We should be thankful this latest lunatic hasn’t brought up The Jewish Menace yet.

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