Freedom Of Association

I listen to a lot of 12-Step phone meetings and if everyone isn’t following the rules and keeping themselves muted when not sharing, then it ruins the experience for everyone. You often hear in the background people typing and banging around in the kitchen and doing other routine tasks and it just makes you feel like tuning out of the meeting.

On the road, one lousy driver can tie up traffic for thousands of people. One dumb move will cost thousands of hours for productive citizens.

An Australian study found that people with an IQ of 80-85 had twice as many fatal car accident as people with IQs above 105. I wish we could limit driver’s licenses to people with IQs above 100.

One toxic person (such as a Terrell Owens) can ruin a workplace, a meeting, a synagogue, a church, a club, a sports team. That’s why we need freedom of association. Different peoples have different norms. If a group doesn’t want to include Jews or blacks or homosexuals or communists or trannies, they should be allowed that choice.

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