DallasNews: By going AWOL for days after injury, Dez Bryant hurt the rest of the Cowboys, too

I wonder if all races and religious groups would be equally likely to be this irresponsible? My life experience suggests no.

Generally speaking, the smaller the brain, the faster the runner. The smaller the brain, the lower the IQ.

Rick Gosselin writes:

I have no idea what Dez Bryant was doing — or thinking — Monday and Tuesday.
All I know is he hurt his right knee Sunday night in the lopsided victory over the Chicago Bears but continued to play on it and wound up catching his first touchdown pass of the season. His presence on the field is vital to the success of the Cowboys, especially with a rookie quarterback taking the snaps.
Bryant is too important to this franchise to skip team meetings and fail to show up for injury treatment and any scheduled MRIs. The Cowboys identified his value to the team in 2015 with a five-year, $70 million contract. For that money, the Cowboys expect him to show up when he’s supposed to show up — which he didn’t on Monday or Tuesday.

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