Police vs Menace

If somebody is so mentally ill that they don’t know what they’re doing and they’re threatening the public order, they shouldn’t be allowed around decent people.

A woman who claims a man was so charismatic that she couldn’t help sleeping with him is saying that she has no moral agency and so she should not be allowed in public without a minder. Nobody without agency should be allowed in public without a minder.

That somebody is shot for brandishing a weapon at police or other innocent parties strikes me as a good thing. I don’t find the mentally ill argument compelling against shooting down rabid dogs. If you act rabid, you get treated accordingly.

LAT: ‘Oh, my God, you killed my brother’: Unarmed man shot dead by El Cajon police was ‘mentally sick,’ sister says

Just moments after an African American man was shot and killed by El Cajon police Tuesday, his sister was captured in an eyewitness video as she wept and screamed at officers, saying she told authorities her brother was mentally ill.


In the video posted on YouTube (some explicit language), the man’s sister said she told officers he was sick and needed help. She said she called police three times but instead should have called a “crisis communication team.”

“Don’t you guys have a crisis communication team to talk to somebody mentally sick,” she asked an officer.

“Why couldn’t you tase him? she asked officers. “Why, why, why, why?”

At one point, the woman yelled, “Oh, my God, you killed my brother” several times.

“I called for help. I didn’t call you guys to kill him,” she told officers as she shrieked.

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