Is Baseball Too White?

Are shuls too Jewish? Are churches too Christian? Is Hollywood too Jewish? Is the NBA too black?

Slate editor Josh Levin writes:

From the moment he made his debut for the Marlins, he ignored the fusty expectation that players—often young, Latino players—dial back their exuberance lest they annoy their tight-assed opponents. At age 24, he’d already started to modernize the game’s old-fashioned codes and what it meant to “play the game the right way.”

Steve Sailer notes: “So Levin got his facts backwards: rather than the tight-assed Americanos objecting to the fun-loving Latino’s natural exuberance, the Latino objected earlier to an American showing off.”

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Mr. Levin would no doubt scoff the suggestion, but if you follow his line of reasoning it leads to only one place:

First he approvingly cites the diminution in the percentage of white players in MLB, then he says he looks forward to a world where “everyone” acts like he assumes all the “Latino” (meaning non-white) players do.

He’s looking forward to a world with no white people.

* And people wonder why the Alt-Right is so huge.

* It is racist – it’s a racist dog whistle demeaning white Gentiles.

* So, (((Josh Levin))) thinks baseball is “too white,” eh? Then maybe he’d be happier in Israel, watching Tel Aviv play Haifa…

* I wish it was more than a small minority of non-megaphoned Jews (like me) who realized that anti-white activism is not a good thing.

* Check out Lion of the Blogosphere, Pragmatically Distributed, the Jewish Right, Spotted Toad, and the Wandering Alt Right Jew. I’ll add @MisterLomez and @jewrightwing (Joshua Seidel) on Twitter, as well as myself @Mischling4Trump

* It’s shocking how anti-white some of these journalists are.

* Call me deplorable, but it seems that Josh Levin is using Jose Fernandez’s tragic death to accuse white players of ruining baseball with their boring rules and unbearable whiteness.

* If that is what he seeks, and he wants to experience it in his lifetime, maybe he should emigrate to one of the many parts of the planet without those pesky Europeans.

* Saying that Jose Fernandez had the potential to make the Hall of Fame given his very short service time is pretty asinine.

Josh Levin’s schtick is apparently to be as insolent as possible, because he knows there won’t be any retaliation, thus Fernandez is “striking out fools” and people who don’t like acting out are “tight asses” and “both teams pretended to want to fight each other.”

In other words, he writes like someone whose experience in life is pretty much restricted to the internet.

In real life, and especially in competitive sports, you actually can send people into a rage, fury, etc. and then people actually do get hurt. And I’m pretty sure that Latin players understand this (as indeed the details of the game indicate as much.) I think the risk of violence is actually even worse in baseball because there are no outlets for aggression otherwise, as in football, basketball, soccer or hockey. Also in baseball you spend a huge amount of time required to be alert and ready to act but the entire action of a 3 hour baseball game is perhaps 20-30 minutes. This is because the pitcher sets the pace. That is bound to generate a lot of tension.

By the same token, as I have said before, MLB is a way to make a career now, there aren’t any players who are selling cars for six months of the year and then playing baseball for $10 K. It’s a big money sport. That’s why the various rulings in recent years about not sliding at the catcher or trying to target the 2B/SS on a play at second base. It’s not about making the game softer, it’s about making it safer for people trying to make careers.

As for Bautista, it looks like he’s made a career out of being “flamboyant” in this way. I can understand it for a franchise that hasn’t won anything in awhile. But it doesn’t win games or win championships, and the in your face stuff gets tiresome after a short while.

* According to Slate’s Levin; “From the moment he made his debut for the Marlins, he ignored the fusty expectation that players—often young, Latino players—dial back their exuberance lest they annoy their tight-assed opponents.”

Yeah, and it appears as though he brought the same “exuberance” to his game on the water. Anyone who “ignored the fusty expectation[s]” of long-established rules of seamanship and smashed his boat at full speed into a rock jetty at three in the morning just got b*tch-slapped by Reality.

You know, I am a boater down here in Florida and I deal with morons like Fernandez everyday on the Intracoastal. These are guys who don’t know a bowline from a bow line. Good Riddance to bad rubbish. One less idiot whose wake I have to avoid. Thank you, Darwin.

He found out the hard way that the Sea is a Harsh Mistress and a lot less accommodating of tomfoolery than Slate’s editors. There’s a reason that good skippers are so “tight-assed” and its because out on big water, the game is for keeps.

* Love his projecting some kind of aggression on the part of this baseball player. There’s been a cottage industry for almost a century of leftist writers who project all the id-based, violent, insurrectionist gestures on minorities that they themselves are too cowardly to do. Noble savage stereotypes, indeed.

* That is what makes reading Derb so frustrating. He has a strong negativity to Christianity that he is never afraid to voice. Then he goes on and on about his pessimism, much of which if you scratch below the surface has a (((Levin))) or two causing havoc, but will rarely mention it. And if he does it is always prefaced by how many Jewish friends he has.

Mr. Sailer just states the facts about the (((Levin’s))) and does not bash Christianity.

* There’s nothing I find all that bothersome about this Slate article. It’s the “journalism student at the college newspaper trying to impress his professor” writing style that’s it’s own parody. Injecting race victimhood into any and every story (even stories concerning rich and famous athletes) is the cliche of modern writers, kind of like geeky narration overdubs were part of most early 1950′s crime and noir films. Writers like this are putting their chronological postmark on everything they write, so future generations can see how unimaginative and era specific they were.

* An Hispanic Cuban pitcher dies in a boat wreck, and a Jew lectures us about black people and white people.

Ain’t that America?

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