Gentile Nationalisms Are Dangerous For Jews

An Orthodox friend told me the other day: “The type of nativism and nationalism Donald Trump is stirring up is dangerous for Jews. We might not be safe here in five years. I’m preparing to move to Israel.”

Luke: “We Jews have the Jewish state, why shouldn’t gentiles have their own states.”

Friend: “Of course.”

Luke: “When you say that as gentiles become more nationalistic, they become more anti-Jewish, are you saying that Jews are not in the interests of gentile nationalisms?”

Friend: “Of course. Do you think Israel would be better off with a dramatic increase in its Filipino population? My ancestors fought and bled to establish Israel. I don’t want to give up my land to foreigners.”

Luke: “So you’re saying Israel would be better off without its Arab citizens?”

Friend: “Of course. No state is better off with the presence of minorities who resent it.”

Luke: “No dominantly Protestant state has slaughtered Jews. WASPs don’t slaughter Jews. WASPs look at people as individuals, not as members of groups.”

Friend: “I don’t trust that.”

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