Twitter Castrates Chateau Heartiste

From the Chateau: I’m surprised it took this long, given this is the second time around, and given the nature of the unrepentant Realtalk that Chateau lords regularly filtered through the Twatter algorithm and which must have daily assaulted the fragile egos of indignant SJWarpigs, but yes it finally happened: @ChateauEmissary was cast out by the bitchy witch hunters.

Naturally, Twatter wants personally identifying information to “un-block” the problematic CH account. They will not get it. What they will get, I hope, is an avalanche of currently authorized shitlord Twatter Horses unloading their righteous armies inside the gates of Twatter HQ. In the meantime, an alternate sooper secret CH Twatter account will be set up and announced at a later date, to the consternation of the Moral Deformity Twatter admins who would greatly prefer if their precioussss was used for nothing but BLM propaganda and celebrity gossip.


Update: A bunch of thought criminals have had their Twatter accounts blocked in the past few days. Vox is one of them. A commenter at his blog wryly notes,

Twitter killing off big name accounts just in time for the election. Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence…

Yup. This is Twatter joining the Legion of the Leprous to assist carrying Hillary Parkinsons Clinton over the finish line in six weeks. Any pro-Trump voices with a significant audience will be silenced, comrades. The oligarchs have given their dopey shitlib stormtroopers their marching orders.


* it will be interesting to see how truly committed to social justice these profit-less, overvalued companies are as the venture capital that keeps them afloat dries up over the next 6-12 months.

* Twitter is the most obvious out of all of them. There’s an Internet wide attempted blackout on anything right of center right now. Frankly I’m surprised ya’ll made it for so long without being in their sights.

* Twitter is an enormous fire hose of information and observation. The churn is unbelievable. It’s a great resource, much better than Facebook or any other social media.

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