‘This Is Not Who We Are!’

Steve Sailer writes: From the Steve Harvey radio show:

HILLARY CLINTON: “Maybe I can, by speaking directly to white people, say, ‘Look, this is not who we are.’ We have to do everything possible to improve policing, to go right at implicit bias.”


* She’s not helping with the perception that she is Obama Term Three. Next she will be saying: ‘Let me be clear.

* Just as Trump’s comments about stop and frisk were aimed solely at white voters and not outreach to blacks who will never vote for him anyway, these comments are aimed at blacks and white beta men/women who feel pleasure at the prospect of a national racial shaming session, and who will always vote for vote for the leftmost candidate in a general election. Trump is hoping for high white turnout and Hillary is hoping the shadow of Obama’s coalition will show up.’

* The sad thing is that Hillary’s absolutely in the mainstream of elite conservative thought here.

David Cameron speaking to the Tory Conference, 2015 – “Opportunity doesn’t mean much to a black person constantly stopped and searched by the police because of the colour of their skin.”

His successor, Theresa May, on taking over as PM – “If you’re black, you’re treated more harshly by the criminal justice system than if you’re white.”

* May’s job before she became PM was to be in charge of the English police -they are run by the national government there- and she had a reputation for implementing the policies that the police wanted to be implemented.

On the other comments, African-Americans bloc vote, usually the Donk gets somewhat over 80% of them, and in the last presidential election Obama got 93%, as has been repeated endlessly on this site, because he is thought to be Black and the Republicans didn’t exactly put up the greatest candidate they could have. With a generic GOP and a generic Donk candidate, the GOP gets 10% to 20% of this vote which translates into another 1% nationally. Trump, by actually asking African-Americans to vote for him and having policy positions that will benefit them, may shave off another 10%, another 1% nationally. Of course, the problem is White voters who will automatically line up against whatever they perceive to be the party or candidate more favorable to Blacks. I think we are mainly dealing with whites in the Deep South, but there are some suburban voters who fall into this category and Trump really does need those.

* We just want them to leave us alone. Before jet travel, they were consigned to their own particular hell-holes and had to wallow in their own filth. Now they want to come over here and pollute our cultural environment. They won’t feel at home till corpses of dead relatives and animals are floating down our rivers, our tap water is undrinkable and open sewage runs down the middle of the streets.

* Maybe she can also speak to the black cops who have been shooting black perps. Tell them, “next time a brother points a gun at you, let him shoot you. Let him get at least one round off before you return fire. Once he has shot you, not even his family can complain anymore (nor will they get a big settlement). It might not even be a gun, just a convincing replica, or maybe it’s just a book that LOOKS like a gun to you. It’s the right thing to do – this IS who we are. Chances are it will hit your vest anyway. Should it happen to hit you in the head, I assure you that your family will be well taken care of, and you as well should you become permanently disabled. We might even name some side street or playground in your memory (I can’t promise you this, but I will do my best.) This will make white ladies feel better and cut down on destructive riots. Thank you.”

* You didn’t see Trump’s visit to the black church yesterday. The evangelical blacks, the deep south types, as well as the inner city victims, are giving him a hearing. He’ll get serious votes from that.

Trump will never get the “talented tenth” whose careers (current or hoped for) depend on riding the racial issue, shaming, etc. They know he’s deadly toxic to them and their hatred is palpable. But that’s not even most blacks.

* A good term to search Google news is ‘aspiring rapper’. They always appear to get in trouble or get killed just as they are turning their life around.

* Christopher Hart in the Daily Mail getting his iSteve on:

If you’re Amal Clooney, you might be flying between your various, luxuriously appointed homes. Your villa on Lake Como — oh sorry, two villas. (Perhaps she and George like to have separate bathrooms). Your mansion in Berkshire. Your beachside place in Mexico. And, of course, the pad in Los Angeles.

Although George and Amal have repeatedly talked about the need for the West to take in more refugees, it is not known yet just how many Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans or Eritreans they have personally welcomed into any of their lovely houses.

The greatest blessing of all in being a celeb, it seems, is that suddenly you are knowledgeable about everything, or at least you think you are. The most intractable international problems — which have baffled the greatest statesmen — become magically clear to you.

For Mrs Clooney, this means that the West should take in apparently unlimited numbers of refugees and asylum seekers, and then the terrible problems of Syria will be solved. She also has great faith that the UN can and should sort out that murderous bedlam, if only she demands it firmly enough. Why do our celebrity luvvies continue to have such faith in the UN? Perhaps because like them, it’s international, unaccountable, very generously funded and a little bit useless.

Amal Clooney is far from being the only culprit. Plenty of others, with zero obvious expertise in the area, have presumed to lecture us on how we must accept more refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants, even jihadis — without ever troubling to explain how these very different groups might be distinguished.

* Zerohedge has a picture of a naked white man on all fours who was apparently assaulted during the Charlotte riots last night. These are not protesters, these are rioters and thugs. White Democrats in Pennsylvania need to be asking themselves if this is what they had in mind for Obama’s third and fourth terms, if this is the future they want for their children when resistance is futile.

If I may speak directly to Hillary, is that white man on all fours who we are?

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