What Forms Of Protest Are Allowed ToThe Palestinians?

Obviously violence is not permitted. And BDS is not permitted. Encouraging boycotts of Israel is not permitted. It is a hate crime (even though it is a normal process in democracies, such as the boycott of apartheid South Africa, but hey, you can’t use that normal process against my group, because we’re powerless, because Holocaust).

For decades, Jewish organizations complained that Palestinians did not pursue their cause through peaceful means. Then the Palestinians seized on BDS but now we find out that is illegitimate. So what are Palestinians allowed to do to further their cause? Asking for a friend.

If people want to advance the interests of Palestinians as against the Jewish state, what means are allowed to them in polite society?

Obviously, I find these questions ridiculous. Just as Jews used every possible means to establish the Jewish state, I expect Palestinians and every other people to use every means they find useful to pursue their own group interests.

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