Steve Sailer: Homeless Dumpster Divers Are America’s First Line of Defense Against Islamic Terrorism

From Drudge Report:




Naturalized Citizen From Afghanistan…

Sued police for Muslim targeting…


Triple strike puts Manhattan on alert for UN summit…

‘Bigger than ever’ police presence…

‘We’re at a level of alert city has never seen’…

Mysterious incidents raise alarms…

CUOMO: ‘Foreign Connection’…

Flip-phone detonators…

Surveillance Footage Shows Man Dragging Bag Between Locations…


100,000 Somali Refugees Admitted to USA Since 9/11…

1-in-5 Syrian refugees settled in New York area…

ISIS release brutal propaganda video…

Khan of Londonistan pitches first ball at Mets game…

Steve Sailer writes: It appears that scavengers hoping to snag cool discarded duffel bags found the bombs planted on both 27th Street in Manhattan and at the Elizabeth train station in New Jersey and alerted the authorities before anyone could be killed.

So we’ve got Homeless Dumpster Divers going for us, which is nice.

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Conspiracy Theory: There is substantial cooperation between street people, criminals and the police. Don’t be surprised of successful terrorism investigations really consist of successful Afghan drug dealers ratting out their countrymen to the FBI in exchange for being allowed to be successful Afghan drug dealers.

* Steve, once I heard the news reports of how the unexploded bombs were found, I came to the same exact conclusion, either homeless or poor hispanics rummaging through garbage literally saving people from being killed.

I live 2 towns over from Elizabeth, in the past, when this country was 90% white, Elizabeth was considered an important city in the NY/NJ area. Immigration has turned it into magnet which attracts the derelicts of society. Now Elizabeth is just a big welfare office and black hole for county taxes, where county citizens are forced to go for jury duty. Just one town over, the population goes from majority non-white to white, and my town nearly all white and upper middle class. What happened to this great country? Are we and our children going to baby sit this mess?

* I’m afraid we’ll never know his motives… probably just mental illness, or somesuch. Happens to white Americans all the time.

* One of the unsung benefits of diversity: pyrotechnics

The Chinese brought us fireworks

The Mexicans brought us Judas burning

And now the Muslims have brought us exploding dumpsters.

* “Through all my conversations, I began to fear that the real roots of political engagement, which lie not in quadrennial outreach programs but around dinner tables and in churches and classrooms, are far more absent from Latino life in America than most people understand.”

* Why should Hispanics vote? It sets up an alert for taxes, jury duty, and all sorts of other stuff. Being under the radar means being under the radar. It’s safer there.

* #i’llDumpsterDiveWithYou

* The FBI just wants you to know that Ahmad was extremely careless in the handling of his bombs.

* So Obama’s economic and safety plans work in tandem! By underemploying people and making more folks desperate for basic goods, there’s more eyes on the garbage cans and the floor, looking for a quick score!

* From the New York Times updates

Ahmad Khan Rahami, the man wanted in the bombing, is the son of a man named Muhammad Rahami who runs a fast-food restaurant, First American Fried Chicken

The elder Rahami outdid himself in picking a name for his restaurant that proved his patriotism. Too bad about the bomber son.

But wait, there’s another son, alas, now departed from these shores.

The restaurant, which has employed Ahmad and some of his brothers, was such a persistent neighborhood nuisance that the city forced it to close early, said Mayor J. Christian Bollwage of Elizabeth.

When it was opened several years ago, it stayed open all night, Mr. Bollwage said.

Neighbors, including Dean McDermott, who lives on the corner of Linden and Elmora Avenues and works as a news videographer, said the restaurant drew rowdy crowds past midnight.

Often Mr. McDermott found patrons loitering in his yard and urinating in his driveway, and he called the police. Others did, too.

Responding to the complaints, the City Council passed an ordinance that would force the restaurant to close at 10 pm, the mayor said.

“The City Council voted to shut it down at 10,” Mr. Bollwage said. “They kept getting complaints from neighbors; it was a distress to people in the neighborhood.”

The Rahamis did not comply, Mr. McDermott said, and he continued calling the police when they stayed open late.

Once, he said, one of Ahmad’s older brothers got in a fight with an officer who came to shut down the restaurant. Before the case could be resolved, Mr. McDermott said, the son fled to his home country, Afghanistan.

The elder Rahami sued the city, Mayor Bollwage said. Mr. McDermott said that the lawsuit charged that Mr. Rahami had been discriminated against because of his ethnicity.

“It was neighbor complaints, it had nothing to do with his ethnicity or religion,” the mayor said. “It had to do with noise and people congregating on the streets.”

Mr. McDermott said that the Rahami family and the community came to an uneasy truce. The restaurant wouldn’t close at 10 p.m., but police stopped hassling them, and they would close at midnight or 1 a.m.

* If I lived above a chicken restaurant, I’d wanna kill people too.


* Fucking Amish. When will someone do something.

* All joking aside, even given Trump’s election momentum, there’s still a 50% chance HRC wins the election. That confuses me more than Islamic terrorists planting bombs. It makes perfect sense that an Islamic terrorist wants to kill innocent people. That’s what he does.

But what levels of insanity have we reached as a society when a majority of Americans continue to believe allowing unlimited immigration, knowing it will cause increased death and suffering of American citizens, is better than considering restrictions on immigration?

* It makes sense when you factor in that almost all Nonwhite Americans support open borders & unlimited immigration and White Liberals support those things as well.

When you combine Nonwhites and White Liberals together, they easily make up a majority of The U.S population. White Conservatives are in the minority. We make up only 35 to 40 percent of The U.S population at best. Is that enough to get Donald Trump elected president?

The only way Donald Trump wins is if we get low voter turnout from White Liberals and Nonwhites who feel that Crooked Hildabeast sucks just as much as Donald Trump does and they decide to sit out this election like they did with John Kerry.

* Simple, this is the enforced Zeitgeist promulgated across the media-academia- Übermensch complex. What the verbose Mencius Moldbug calls ‘The Cathedral‘. This Zeitguist envelopes popular culture, the education system and the media.

Most folks are not political junkies and simply wish to be seen as goodthinkers rather than deplorables. You have to be somewhat otherwise to have the dissident mindset.

The only way this dissident mindset can break through is by winning the culture wars. This is why the work of the likes of Milo and the whole meme thing is so desperately important. It’s subversive of the mainstream Gramscian narrative, hijacking their own techniques.

* Gavin Dowd, a leftist academic in St. Andrews University in Scotland, is a friend of Michel H..beck and has translated a number of his books into English.

Now he has published a book of his own, “Mémoires d’outre-France”. An anecdote from the book may be of interest to iSteve readers.

Summary in English:

A private get-together at H…beck flat in Paris, January 2013.

H…beck watching the TV and finishing off a bottle of absinthe. TV showing images from one of the countless conflicts in Middle East.

At the time, H. was separated from his wife but accompanied by a skimpily clad young university lit student named Ines.

Everyone drinking freely, while waiting for a delivery of sea fruit the party dig into the lamb. H. holds forth on favorite topic, Nobel prize. Upset that the two French writers recently awarded may diminish his chances of winning.

Next, H. launches into his second favorite topic. Verbatim quote:

I am going to give an interview in which I call for civil war to eliminate Islam from France. I will call on people to vote for Marine Le Pen!

Ines objects to this politically incorrect outburst which seems to be cribbed from other disaffected leftists such as Renaud Camus and Robert Menard:

H. responds:

The Front National is not a far-right party, they are not Drumont or Daudet [two well-known French antisemites].


But all your friends are limousine liberals who vote for Melenchon [far-left French socialist]. You will never get your Nobel if you talk like that!

Returning home, Dowd asks himself, what am I doing here. How did we get from communism to Front National, from fighting capitalism to fighting Islam, to this absinthe-fueled ideological delirium?

* Funny comments to an Ann Althouse blog post about the coming election:

“I am not sure I want President Trump. But I think I want President-Elect Trump. President Trump may be a price worth paying for a Trump victory. It’s not as high a price as it sounds, as it’s only the difference between President Trump and President Hillary.”

“Suddenly it seems Mr. Trump is going to win. This is remarkable and a great sign of hope for our country. I’ve gone from Against Trump to I’ll Support Him If He Wins the Nomination to Trump’s my Man to Trump’s the Man. I like him, warts and all.”

* What if Trump makes it cool to be “deplorable”? My kids are not big admirers of Trump, but they thought his use of the “Les Mis” theme and linking it to “Les Deplorables” was pretty cool. And, they tell me Pepe is cool too.

If Trump knows anything, he knows marketing.

What if it ceases to be cool to be a SJW?

* What I got from the TV was that the FBI is Very Concerned and NY Governor Cuomo has Furrowed Brows and Urges Calm, because there were a couple of bomby-type incidents, yadda yadda.

Also, some Minnesota guy did some stabby thing at a mall out there — nutty Midwesterners — but the police took that suspect down.

Philadelphia’s BLM-inspired shooter/killer from Saturday, not mentioned, not really news.

* I followed a link to Wa Po from another site. They now have anti-AdBlock popups that require you to disable your AdBlock. I would almost consider it, but the message includes the comment “Great journalism needs you,” and a picture from a story about “Syrian” immigrants on the shores of some beach, with maybe 8 people in the shot and a child in a yellow lifesaver front and center.

Nope. Not going to disable the AdBlock.

Edit: By the way, if you click the link for “I am a subscriber” and then click return, you get back to the story without the popup.

* The pressure cooker bombs in NY were very similar to the devices that killed and maimed dozens at the Boston Marathon. Fortunately for us, the bomber was slightly less competent so the results were not as bad. The fact that he used an inferior explosive and put the one that exploded inside a steel dumpster was probably a big factor – these bombs cause most of their human damage with shrapnel (which he had helpfully included inside his bomb) rather than blast effects and the dumpster must have contained or slowed down much of the shrapnel so that no one was killed or even seriously wounded. But not for lack of trying on Abdul’s part.

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