Las Vegas Jewish Newspaper Folds


Next week’s celebration of the Jewish New Year will mark the end of an era for readers of the Jewish Reporter.

The newspaper will cease publication after 33 years of reporting on such local news as religious celebrations and charitable outreach programs — and on subjects as weighty as international politics and tenets of the Jewish faith.

The free newspaper, which published 17,000 copies as often as twice a month, is being pinched out of business by a stingy economy and competition for funding with other community programs.

“The Jewish Reporter was an important institution for our community,” said Elliot B. Karp, president and CEO of the United Jewish Community/Jewish Federation of Las Vegas, which published the newspaper.

“The newspaper has served us well and we’re proud of it. But we’re enthusiastically looking to a new era of communicating and maintaining contact with our community.”

A drop in donations to the federation — also a sign of the times — hastened the decision to shutter the paper, Karp said.

“We had to reevaluate our priorities,” he said. “Are the dollars that went to publishing the Reporter better used to help people? The answer to that was, yes.”

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