Forward: How BDS Is Pushing Jewish Students Out of Social Justice Activism

Steve Sailer writes: Last year I wrote in Taki’s Magazine about how the rise on campuses due to increasing nonwhite enrollment of the movement to use Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions to pressure Israel was starting to open Jewish eyes. Now, from The Forward, an article about how this pattern is moving from the playpen of campus politics to the real world of Social Justice Warrior jobs.

How BDS Is Pushing Jewish Students Out of Social Justice Activism
Seffi Kogen September 4, 2016

A Barnard College sophomore recently articulated the sad choice many progressive Jewish students face on campuses around the country. In a Columbia Spectator op-ed, she called on Barnard’s student government to not support a sexual assault prevention group — a group she herself had once helped lead.

She took this stand because the group had “officially taken on an anti-Israel stance… publicly denounc[ing] Israel on social media and collaborat[ing] with anti-Israel student groups, such as Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine.” By choosing to condemn Israel, the group had “effectively politicized anti-sexual violence work on this campus,” she wrote. “Doing so is detrimental to the cause and unfair to pro-Israel survivors.”

Much has been written about the rise of intersectionality, and how the academic theory claiming that all forms of oppression are connected, when applied to the real world, has encouraged the formation of coalitions between American progressives and pro-Palestinian activists. But it has also led to the erosion of traditional ties on which Jews have long relied.

For the first time, American Jews are beginning to see real ripples of BDS — the movement to boycott, divest from and sanction Israel — take hold off campus. …

And perhaps most prominently and provocatively, the Movement for Black Lives, a coalition of 50 Black Lives Matter groups, released a platform calling Israel an “apartheid” state guilty of “genocide” against the Palestinians, and endorsing BDS.

… Today, to be a social justice advocate of any kind on many U.S. college campuses requires a sort of litmus test. Do you believe that your university should divest its holdings in fossil fuel companies to help fight global warming? Then you also have to support divestment from private prisons. Do you want to fight the epidemic of campus sexual assault? Good, but you must also support BDS. And, if you believe that women on U.S. campuses shouldn’t have to fear rape each time they venture out at night, but don’t want to sign on to an anti-Israel agenda, you might just find yourself pushed out of the sexual violence advocacy arena.

BDS has not led to a change in Israeli policy. It won’t. But it has slowly but surely begun to freeze American Jews out of the crucial social justice conversations of our time. As one student attendee at the AJC Global Forum 2016 put it: “I want to be a part of the progressive fights my generation is currently waging, but I am deeply troubled and challenged by the anti-Israel sentiment rising amongst the far left.”

For a decade, Jewish students have been the canaries in our coal mine. No, they are not persecuted or under assault, as some would have you believe. But they suffer nevertheless as their peers make it clear to them that their Zionism disqualifies them from the progressive activist community and, in some instances, from campus leadership roles in general.

Now, as former campus activists graduate to activism in the Black Lives Matter movement, in progressive political parties and in their churches, we are getting a taste of what ails our campuses.

Screenshot 2016-09-15 03.30.35In other words, it’s getting harder for Jews to get paying Social Justice Warrior jobs after college unless they denounce Israel. Granted, those kind of jobs generally don’t pay well, but lots of young Jewish Americans have affluent parents and grandparents to help them out while they find themselves.

In any case, a real line in the sand in 21st Century America, a taboo that’s so strictly enforced that most people don’t even recognize it exists is: No job discrimination against Jews.

On the other hand, the Diverse people who are using BDS to bar their Jewish rivals from jobs they want are Diverse and therefore Good, so there will be much cognitive dissonance among Jews in the future.


* Israel and Zionism should literally be the biggest issue for the Left and SJWs, there is nothing more practically evil than a profoundly racial settle-colonialist project (Partly sanctioned by thousands of years old religious texts!) that uses it’s influence to dismantle an entire region of the Earth. That gleefully has a ‘fuck the world we hate them all anyway’ attitude.

Every day this doesn’t happen more people become deeply anti-semitic. Because there can be no other explanation.

* Ben Shapiro has admitted on Gavin McInnes that the vast majority of anti-Semitic insults he has received on college campuses were not from WASPs, they were from racial minorities. These militant La Raza and Black Lies Matter students on college campuses despise Israel. It also doesn’t help that most of them incorrectly believe George Zimmerman is a Peruvian Jew, so more reason for them to hate The Tribe. I have seen Negro discussion boards where conspiracy theorists believe George Zimmerman used his powerful Jew connections to avoid going to prison.

* Hey now, many of those social justice jobs are pretty cushy if you rise up the ranks. The heads of these organizations are making six figures, and the next level below is high five-figures or more (depending on how big the organization). They don’t advertise those amounts, of course.

And the jobs offer the people working there a threefor: (1) get to brag about doing charity work for a living and put down your rich relatives who “exploit the working class” ; (2) no success necessary at what you ostensibly are there to do; and (3) get to rub elbows with rich and powerful people at the fundraising events (many rich women who do charity work get that way by finding a rich donor husband at a charity event they were working when they were younger).

The only things you have to do well are: (1) rake in the donations; and (2) make some big loud public splashes that get your org. in the news so the donors don’t feel cheated (even easier if your cousins work at the media outlets and are sympathetic to your org’s political views).

They seem like good jobs for those bleeding heart folks who don’t have quite the nose for business or law or medicine but still want to have a career that is their life and secretly pays well. Or perhaps for the preachy people who didn’t want to go into religion.

And, quite frankly, the non-profit folks are miserable, awful people the higher you go up—the people at the tops of charities and “non-profits” and the like often are the nastiest of human beings, using their “charity” work as an excuse to be nasty everywhere else (“How dare you criticize my behavior. I’m saving abused mothers!”)

* Jolly good.

Jewish “progressives” often want to have their cake and eat it as well – being anti-nationalist, anti-racist etc goody two-shoes on all the usual issues in the West, whilst being shamelessly ethno-nationalist and “reactionary” when it comes to their own special country Israel.

And it’ll be a cold day in Hell when I respond with anything other than real pleasure to hear of any SJW type suffering a small taste of his or her own medicine in being frozen out of some aspect of “polite society” for his political views – exactly their own modus operandi for dealing with “racist”, “sexist”, “antisemitic”, “homophobic” etc dissidents.

* There seems to be a First Law of Jewish Politics … and that is to never criticize another Jew, Jewish organization, or Israel in public regardless of how reprehensible the behavior. Tribal solidarity. Hence, Jews in America might object to one thing or another regarding Israel, but they tend to bear it in silence. Their silence is assumed to be implicit support of Israel, especially when the behavior is reprehensible.

iSteve is right about cognitive dissonance among Jews. Call this the Israeli Exception. This comes from trying to maintain two clearly logically contrary positions in mind and emotion at the same time; that is, advocating against apartheid and discrimination everywhere else in the world … except Israel. In these cases, silence is explicit support.

If Jewish SJWs are being denied leadership positions or membership in advocacy groups, it is because people are progressively less intimidated by Jewish cultural and political power. They are calling on the Jewish SJWs to put their “cards on the table” with respect to the Israeli Exception. If they declare the Exception, the Jewish SJWs are justifiably reasoned to be unfit to be in the company of those who are purer of heart and logically consistent on the issues. They can’t be trusted.

* Demographic change is what’s hurting Jewish power at places like UCLA. When Henry Waxman and Howard Berman teamed up in UCLA student politics in the early 1960s, putting together a political organization that got them 70 years, between them, in the House of Representatives, Jews made up a very large percentage of UCLA students. Now, however, whites in total are down to 27% of UCLA undergrads, so the Jewish percentage at UCLA is some fraction of 27%. All sorts of immigrant groups that don’t much like Jews are feeling their oats at UCLA these days.

* After much faffing about, Kogen finally lets the cat out the bag. ” Jewish students….suffer …. as their peers make it clear to them that their Zionism disqualifies them the progressive activist community……”
Zionism is not a “progressivist” political movement, far from it. How you reconcile support for Zionism with support for general “progressive” policies seems very difficult if not impossible. Unless of course you regard following such policies as in your direct personal or group interest.
It looks like following such policies in future will no longer be in this group’s interest. May their wailing and gnashing of teeth be long and painful.

* Jews are in the process of being evicted from the Broad front. They will find out in time that the WASPs they so detested (while desperately trying to emulate) were in fact their protectors and boosters. Now the WASPs are out and its the wild wild west out there. Unfortunately, America 2: The Brownening doesn’t care about the Jews and the Jews dont have the numbers. Bit by bit they will be driven from leadership positions in the left, and forced to find refuge right back with the remaining WASPs on the right.

Can’t say they weren’t warned.

* There is an ocean of money flowing into these organizations. A friend of mine from college, in addition to working for the State, is also a paid employee of the local BLM group, the Latino racial agitation groups, etc. The real perks she seems to get from her local, minor activist celebrity seem to be 2-3 weekend per month trips to D.C. or elsewhere for conventions, meetups, whatever, of all the organizations and other paid activists.

* If you think White Jews being kicked out of the sympathy-realm is lovely, how sweet will it be when it is noticed by “Diversity” that the White Feminist Supremacy Movement (NOW, Planned Parenthood, Feminist media and all the rest) is composed completely of White, upper class women of “education”? Look at the upper-crust of the DNC, NOW and all the rest. All White. They can sweep out all the privileged White homosexuals and lesbos and trannies while they’re at it, Blacks and Hispanics hate those people anyway.

When the hell are the races going to go after the hellish, rich, White bitches of modern Feminist, Inc.?

Liberal Jewish (All-White) media and White Feminists have been shitting on me, White WASP Male Veteran Heterosexual for 50 years. Time for all of the Whites-that-hate-Whites in media and academia that started all this to be kicked out of their place to be shamed for their privilege, to bow for being, well, White-with-vagina.. When they get a taste of their own medicine, perhaps finally, we join up and take it all back. Once White women are thrown off their privileged perch by the races, they’ll be looking about madly for a rescue. No more racist a group than White Feminists exists in the world today, except they’ve gotten away with it to date.

This is gonna be good.

* It’s been my impression that the majority of Jews who go in for SJW-ism hate Israel and would love to see it destroyed. This is the first time I’ve heard of any activist Jew specifically choosing Israel over the Leftist agenda.

* I worked with a Mexican guy who would go on and on about how “Hitler was right, Jews do own every thing!” “Even in Mexico!”

* The more savvy Jews I know have been on to this for years. While a vocal minorty of Neocons have made a big show of backing Hillary, Orthodox-leaning Jews (including the semi-normal looking ones, not just the caftans-beards-and-hats crew) back Trump overwhelmingly for just this reason. According to the Times of Israel, they break 3 to 1 for Trump in Florida, where they are quite numerous.

* American Jews haven’t figured out they are white people.

* Jews don’t really care about helping blacks and Hispanics or any other minority group. They just want to use these groups to undermine white gentiles. This is why Jews love having Muslims in Europe and the United States but not in Israel.

* Progressive is just a word for someone who hates people of European Christian ancestry. That is why Jews never saw a conflict between their progressive agenda and their Israeli ethno-nationalism.

* Non-Jewish SJW are ignorant of the consequences of their victim cult supremacy ideology.

The consequences of SJW ideology is to emulate the nation of Israel in your own nation.

Emulation of Israel includes all of these consequences:

Super-Majority of voters are a organized, professional victim cult
National socialism
Victim cult people entitled by law
National representative democracy
Dominant 2-party system
Republican = Likud = Conservative Judaism
Democrat = Labor = Secular Judaism
No constitutional limits on national government law-making power
Fascism for victim cult supremacy ideology
Extensive crony capitalism and MIC
Anti white-straight-healthy-Christian-male ideology advertised as anti-Nazi or anti-white supremacy
International pariah state
Immigration policy biased for victim cult people
Noncitizen victim cult people can vote in elections

* If the Left becomes truly hostile, Jews will just take over the right. Here’s how iSteve serial commenter The Undiscovered Jew describes the game plan elsewhere:

Jews should break off from the altright and purge antisemites and paleocons from a nationalist movement.

With our superior talent there’s no need for us to tolerate antisemites while we takeover the far right movement.

* American Jews are mostly past the stage where they have to interact with dindus on a daily basis. All the little grocery stores and other ghetto businesses that used to be run by Jews are now run by Asians or Arabs. They have moved out of the slumlord business too. Public school teacher used to be a popular job for Jewish women – now they can do things like going into i-banking instead. In any event, that kind of lower class anti-Semitism is different from the fashionable elite anti-Zionism of the “sophisticated” left.

* This is what happens when you pretend to be white sometimes, and pretend not to be white other times.

It’s also the result of exibiting a blatant double standard. People hate that. They get particularly peeved when they realize how long they’ve been snookered and unaware of this.

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