Are Official Lubavitchers Messianic?

Dorron emails: "Are these people "official" Lubavitchers, or Yechis who have been (at least on paper) disowned by "official" Lubavitch?"

Yisroel emails: Yes, Dorron, these people are all longtime, veteran "official" Lubavitchers.

Both of the rabbis I wrote about, and their wives, are official Chabad-Lubavitch shaliachs/shluchim in San Francisco. That might also make the son who recently got married an official Chabad-Lubavitch shaliach here by default, too, but I’m not sure about that.

I’m frankly surprised you asked that, because the dead-rebbe-focused messianism I was writing about seems to be virtually the "official" norm here. Can an organization disown itself?

My first sentence was, "I was invited to a wedding and reception for the son of a San Francisco Chabad-Lubavitch rabbi/shaliach."

To me, the word shaliach in this context means or clearly implies an "official" representative and member of the Chabad-Lubavitch organization.

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