Goofy Jew Tries To Free The Nipple

Judaism has a strong commitment to modesty, but a large number of those activists most committed to sexual freedom are secular Jews.

New York Daily News:

Women said ta-ta to their tops Sunday during a march through Midtown sponsored by a UFO-loving cult.

The parade was part of the ninth annual International GoTopless Day, which aims to encourage women to unburden themselves from their shirts and bras — as a feminist statement.

“I love being topless and it really bothers me that we can’t go topless without it being a big deal,” said 19-year-old Nickii Raynor. “Men go topless all the time and it’s so normalized.”

The group swelled to a few hundred as men and women joined the march through Times Square. The march was organ?ized by members of the Raelian Movement, known for its belief that aliens founded the world’s major religions.

But most participants were only concerned about the boobs.

“I’m just trying to convince women to understand that the law allows them to be topless,” said a nearly nude Clare Hogenauer, 70.

Still, the parade wasn’t all peace, love, and freedom.

The marchers were confronted by a small group of Christian protesters who screamed obscenities at the topless women,

There were also several small scuffles between some of the women and bystanders snapping photographs.

“The people who do genuinely support this I am happy about, but of course it still bothers me that there are people who came today just to over-sexualize us,” Raynor said.

Sexual freedom is least destructive to high IQ groups such as Ashkenazi Jews and most destructive to low IQ groups such as blacks.

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