I Wish I Knew Where ESPN Stood On The Colin Kaepernick Controversy



Steve Sailer writes:

The irony of course is that nationalism is the only reason anybody cares about women’s soccer as a spectator sport. Every four years, Americans go nuts in a frenzy of feminist patriotic chauvinism over the American women’s team in the World Cup.

But nobody cares at all about the women’s professional league as this picture of a National Women’s Soccer League game in America’s third biggest city graphically demonstrates. People like to root for men athletes claiming to represent your city or state because it triggers atavistic territorial urges, but women’s professional team sports have been repeated failures because nobody sees women as defenders of the home turf.

This only works at the national level where women athletes are considered exemplars of the superiority of the American way of life.

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Women’s soccer is about 75-80% straight and about 20-25% gay. With the retirement of legendary Forward Abby Wombach (who is also a lesbian, though she seldom ever made it a public issue), that means that the most famous lesbian star player on the US National Team is Megan Rapinoe. Unlike Wambach, who tended to take a more of an “Don’t ask me and I won’t tell you” approach, because she wanted the focus and attention to be on the US National Team and Women’s Soccer in general, as well as being proud to be an American (think of a female Peter Thiel), Rapinoe welcomes controversy of all kinds based on her sexual orientation (during the ’12 Olympics she did some commentary for the gay magazine Out and has never shied away from making her orientation a public matter). If Rapinoe wasn’t such a great midfielder, she wouldn’t be getting the NYT treatment. After all, about ten yrs ago the US National Team had a lesbian player, all tattooed up from Hawaii Natasha something or other, who disappeared without much of a trace. The reason being, she couldn’t play soccer very well. So the only reason Rapinoe is getting attention is because of her athletic ability as well as her willingness to be used as a mouthpiece for the narrative.

And of course, with Hope Solo having been basically banned for 6 months from US Soccer and her contract terminated, there is now a void for any universal face of US Women’s Soccer.

* My niece played a college game in Florida where one of her opponents was a tall blonde pony-tailed Abby Wambach, later to become one of the most famous of women soccer players, but last time I saw a picture of Wambach, she seemed to have morphed into a man. My niece is still a woman.

* Well, at least Abby Wambach’s “wife” is somewhat pretty and feminine. So there’s that.

* I wish their name was “Soccer: Women’s Professional League”. That would be funnier than NWSL. Granted, women’s pro sports is already a laugh.

* ESPN dutifully reported Rapinoe’s protest in their crawler all day yesterday like it was big breaking news.

* ESPN’s website has morphed into Deadspin Lite; it’s pushing all social justice, all the time. I’m disgusted at how infrequently its headline stories these days have anything to do with actual sporting contests. It had been sliding for years into soft SJW-ism, but it then took a huge lurch leftward when they changed the site layout some months ago.

* “Being a gay American, I know what it means to look at the flag and not have it protect all of your liberties.” -Rapinoe

Interesting line of thought, as a conservative in this country, I feel the same way. I doubt that the left feels anything but glee over our suffering though.

Kaepernick is a Muslim traitor, that should be the rhetoric coming from every conservative. That it is not, shows how doomed we are.

* Males have 90% more upper body strength, on average, than women and 60% more lower body strength.

They are also, on average faster than women. An U15 boys team would probably be about 75% of the ability of a normal male team. The women are still outclassed.

* I see a silver lining to this development. With sports now being dominated by minority groups that intend to offend White fans, this might actually lead to a massive decline in obesity due to fans no longer wasting time watching sports as well as coaches losing Millions of Dollars in salary due to low ratings and attendance.

* An intramural basketball team I played on at Boston College once played a pickup game against the women’s varsity squad…..none of our team had even played highschool varsity basketball though we had played other varsity sports. …we basically toyed with them politely once we realized how sucky they were.

* Aaron Heifitz, the publicist for the U.S. national women’s soccer team, described how the women’s squad performs against the best youth club players in Southern California: “The boys’ 13s we can handle pretty consistently, but when the boys start really developing at 14, and especially 15, that’s when you start to see real separation and they pass even the best women’s players. They’re just bigger, stronger, and faster.”

* Alex Morgan has a nice, pretty, and wholesome All-American look. It would probably be a wise marketing choice to make her the face of women’s soccer, since my take is that the biggest spectator market and growth potential is soccer-playing girls and their fathers. Ashlyn Harris is very pretty too, but she’s taken to butching herself up with sleeve tatoos and dressing in men’s shirts, vests and ties, and is rather apparently not heterosexual. By its nature, appealing to a Lesbian subculture is going to alienate fathers of daughters who are probably trying to divert their daughters’ time and interest away from boy craziness and into healthful activities in preparation for college; I doubt that after all of that they’d be interested in introducing their daughters into a Lesbian subculture.

It’s heretical to consider human sexuality in any way malleable (in spite of ample evidence both historical and contemporary). We usually think of testosterone as causing aggression and male-oriented sexuality, but what if acting aggressively and in a physically competitive manner (particularly before/during puberty and adolescence) increases the production of testosterone, which in turn makes some girls more inclined to same-sex attraction? We know that in males building muscle and engaging in aggressive behaviors spikes testosterone production, and there are suspicions that exposure of a female fetus to excessive prenatal testosterone inclines the child to same-sex behavior later in life.

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