Black City Is Surprisingly Broke


Are there any thriving majority-black cities?

From a WP comment on the article: “Checks wiki to see what are the demographics of the city.
Reads it’s 80% black.
Sees no reason to read the article in its entirety.”

According to Wikipedia: “As of the 2010 United States Census, there were 32,420 people residing in the city. 79.1% were Black or African American…”

It is naive to expect a black city to operate more like America than like Africa. The average African-American IQ is 85. You need an average IQ of 97 to maintain and develop a first world civilization.








The average latino IQ in America is 90. The average white IQ is 100, East Asian IQ is 105 and Ashenazi IQ is between 108 and 120. Life results follows from that (wealth, education, family stability, health, longevity, etc).

It sounds like Petersburg was doing a lot better when whites were running the city. Who would have thought?

Washington Post:

As interim city manager since March 4, Belton was living out a dream she had had since coming up through the Petersburg schools. Hers was an unlikely ambition — a young black girl hoping to lead a city that, at the time, was largely run by whites. Now she had the chance…

She attended a mostly black elementary school, then went to a white private middle school, then to a majority-black high school. There she was chastised for sounding “too white,” even as her mother would admonish her to enunciate more clearly. She never felt like she fit in.

As early as sixth grade, Belton couldn’t understand why a majority-black city didn’t have a government that looked like the community.

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