Dominance Strategies

Every living thing strives to perpetuate itself. Every living thing strives to create an environment most conducive to its thriving.

I don’t think Jews try to dominate any more or less than any other group.

Like all groups, Jews have strengths and weaknesses developed in certain times and places that make them a better fit for some societies (individualist and Protestant) and than others (corporate).

According to Judaism, the purpose of Jews is to bring the world to the God of the Jews and His moral demands (Torah). That is dominance. That is tikkun olam.

Like all followers of a religion, Jews fall short of the mark. Some Jews, such as communists and feminists, do great damage to their host country. Other Jews develop thriving businesses and inventions that are an asset to the goyim.

If Jews reflect on how much they were willing to sacrifice to create and protect a Jewish state, they should gain insight into how much nationalists are willing to sacrifice to create their own Israels, their own ethno-states, their own white zionisms.

The purpose of the political state, after all, is the development of the people. The purpose of Israel, for example, is the development of the Jewish nation in the light of the Torah it gained from God.

Every nation regards itself as specially chosen for some magnificent task. The state is an organization of the people so they can fulfill their aspirations.

White Nationalists say, “1488! Race war now!” Yidden say, “613! Moshiach now!”

Both are forms of nationalism. Both aim to create a better world. WNs follow what they see as the call of nature, Jews follow what they see as the call of God. Judaism is a step-by-step detailed system for making a better world by bringing knowledge of ethical monotheism (one God whose primary demand of his creation is that they act ethically) to the world. Christianity shows the path to salvation in the next world. Islam demands surrender to Allah. Different religions ask different questions and have different goals and are differently suited.

If you most want assurance of salvation to the next world, Christianity is the ticket. If you most want to influence this world, Judaism is the vehicle. If you have a low IQ and desire to surrender to God, then Islam is the way. Islam is a low-IQ religion, Christianity is suited to any IQ, and Judaism demands a high IQ.

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