They Moved To Chicago And Then Quickly Left

Every boy and girl above age 16 should watch this:

I asked my rebbe if I should watch all 12 minutes.

He said: “Not all, just for the gist of who they are and what they have done. Certainly if there are other ways to spend those minutes in greater service, then that should guide you.”

They moved to Chicago and after a day or two, got assaulted, and decided to move back to Arizona.

Chicago Now:

Grim fairy tale: Couple moves to Chicago then flees

Jaelin and Brianna Joy White are a 19 and 18-year-old married couple.

Brianna Joy White is a popular beauty vlogger. She is known for her YouTube channel, Brianna Joy. Her videos on make up, beauty advice, and “Get Ready With Me” are widely popular.

Brianna’s videos get between five to seven figure views. One video got over 2 million views. She has over 300,000 followers on her YouTube channel. Those kind of numbers translate into advertising dollars.

Her husband, Jaelin, supposedly is in the house flipping business. He appears in some of his wife’s videos.

Earlier this month, they posted a video about their move to Chicago and their fleeing the city within one or three days. The exact amount of time they spent in Chicago is not clear.

“THE REASON WE’RE HOMELESS RIGHT NOW… (no clickbait) STORYTIME.” went viral with well over 1.2 million views, as of this writing.”

“Storytime” is an apt description for their tale of woe. It is a story. A bedtime story. It is a fable, a grim fairy tale, a cute piece of reality based fiction. Contrary to their claim, click bait is also an apt description for this grim fairy tale.

The plot of this tale involves this cutesy couple moving to Chicago so Jaelin can establish a house flipping business. While waiting for an apartment in the South Loop to open up, they took an apartment in Edgewater for two months. They checked Yelp. The reviews were great. They were impressed and excited the neighborhood had $900,000.00 homes.

They moved to Chicago. They did what all cutesy couples do. They went shopping at Ikea. On their way home they spied a Chipolte one L stop away from their apartment. Chipote is a place where cutesy couples eat. Jaelin went to Best Buy for some electronics.

They decided to use public transportation instead of driving to Chipolte for dinner.

According to the tale, they allegedly were accosted by a man at the Granville Red Line station. The guy made them feel creepy. They left the station to get away from him.They claim the creepy guy followed them.

The cutesy couple went into a nearby Subway store. The creepy man stayed outside. Jaelin went outside to confront the man. After a brief conversation, he returned to the restaurant.

Being a cutesy couple, they called Uber. She ordered a sandwich.

Jaelin allegedly went back out to confront the creepy guy a second time. This is where the wheels came off. Supposedly the creepy guy became angry, clocked Jaelin, causing him to lose his shoe. His wife picked up the shoe. They fled, thanks to a good Samaritan, who drove them to a nearby CVS pharmacy.


“To the people who ‘wish we would have got shot’ or call us ‘privileged white trash’ and much more terrible things: Jaelin and I were both raised in middle class families, who worked their butts off to give us food and a place to live,” Brianna said in an email. “Neither of us came from money and we have worked our butts off to be where we are right now.”

In the 16 minute-long video, the couple details their move to the city and encounter with a man in Edgewater near the Granville Red Line stop that ended with Jaelin being punched in the face, and the couple high-tailing it out of the state the next day.

Further addressing “the haters,” the couple had this to say: “I’m sorry that you feel so much hate in your heart towards us, and we just pray that you would feel peace and have an amazing life. Wishing you all the best.”

YouTube comments for the video were disabled after an onslaught of hateful remarks, they said.

Now back in Arizona, the Whites said the video detailing how they had become “homeless” was filmed in the home of Brianna’s uncle, “who has worked his whole life to be able to live in the house he does.”

After their move across the country and back without being able to settle down, the couple said they felt “terrible.”

“We hadn’t had a real home in over two weeks, and it was a terrible feeling,” Brianna said. “Jaelin and I searched day and night for a new place to live, and luckily found a place which we moved into a little over a week ago. The video was titled ‘The Reason We’re Homeless Right Now’ because we didn’t have a stable place to live, and didn’t know what we were going to do.”

The Whites said they still love Chicago, but after what they described as their “first experience with something like this,” they said they made the decision to move home.

In their response to questions emailed by DNAinfo, the Whites described being unnerved by the man who followed them, and questioned why they were chosen instead of other potential “targets” on the Granville “L” platform that night.

“The scariest part to us was just not knowing if he had a gun or a knife, and not knowing what his intentions were for us,” the Whites said in an email. “I have no idea what the man’s intentions were, or why he specifically targeted us, because there were at least three or four girls around us that were all alone, and a few guys that were alone as well.”

The Whites said they fled in part because they suspect the man had seen the building where they planned to stay for the next two months, and they worried he could come back “and maybe bring some friends.”

“We just felt too uncomfortable to stay living in that specific apartment,” the couple said. “I think this experience just taught us to not trust everyone. No matter where we live in the future, crazy things like this can happen, you just have to be aware of your surroundings.”

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