Yes, There Are Conspiracies

Comments: * I find no problem believing that George Soros plays an inordinate role in the world, spending exorbitant sums to topple governments, have people elected, etc. Let’s face it, he’s almost a Bond villain, except that probably he believes in what he preaches. The majority of his minions are also probably true believers. But that’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s out in the open: both the enemies and allies of Soros believe in his inordinate role, it’s out in the open. He’s quite open about his role, he authorizes biographies about himself that are saying the same, etc. So the question is not whether Soros is leading and financing a vast and more or less centralized movement of “open society” believers and organizations, or that these play a large role in a lot of events (from BLM to the color revolutions), it’s merely how large that role was (e.g. would there have been riots without Soros financing BLM? would some or all of the color revolutions take place without him? maybe later?), and whether one thinks these events were “good” or “bad”.

I also immediately believed when I heard that Facebook was manipulating the trending stories: it was easy to do, involved only a handful true believers (who therefore had a very real motivation not to tell anybody about what they were doing), and the story was kinda sorta acknowledged by Facebook itself, promising never to do that again. (Ha ha, I’m sure they won’t, they’ll do something else that’s harder to catch.)

So yes, there are conspiracies, but not everything is a conspiracy, and reality is usually not as dumb as these theories.

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