Invade The World, Invite The World

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* If you want the government to meddle in domestic affairs, you’re a liberal.
If you want the government to meddle in foreign affairs, you’re a conservative.
If you want the government to meddle in domestic and foreign affairs, you’re a moderate.
If you want the government to meddle nowhere, you’re an extremist.

* Whichever party has been in power, they have pursued a policy of invade the world and invite the world. Hence Steve is right to focus on and attack that sick combination of policies, even if there are obviously people who have the combination of viewpoints that you mention.

* Re-electing McCain is not in the interests of Arizonans, either, if they don’t think it’s in their interest to have more of their kids and grandkids needlessly killed, maimed, or traumatized in unnecessary, nondefensive, unauthorized wars. Arizonans also pay interest– soon to be much higher interest — on the massive deficit spending McCain has supported and still advocates. Arizonans are also physically, economically, and culturally harmed and marginalized by the in going waves of legal and illegal aliens from the third world whom McCain loves to let in, more than people in most states.

To vote against McCain in the primary, then, it’s not even necessary to consider the interests of the whole country. Arizonans’ interests don’t lie with McCain, either.

* You would think that they would update your Wikipedia page to indicate that you originated the meme: Invade the world, Invite the world.

I mean, it seems more important than shortening Alternative Right to Alt-Right.

* Interesting how McCain is generally held up by the media as the Maverick Republican who fully embraces “Invade the World, Invite the World”. There is a strange aura to McCain and his unique appeal to Beltway journalists. In many ways, Beltway journalists have always been McCain’s base of support. Frankly, McCain’s appeal never made any sense to me.

It looks like McCain’s military record has a few holes in it which would make him somewhat vulnerable to blackmail, but the key hole in his record is likely his marriage to Cindy McCain. Cindy McCain’s father, Jim Hensley, built a massive fortune on an exclusive Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship and a horse racetrack operation likely with a little help from organized crime.

Always interesting what names do not seem to warrant a Wikipedia page. The patron sponsor of Jim Hensley was Kemper Marley, a long time Arizona political king maker with some shadowy connections. It looks like Jim Hensley was rewarded the lucrative beer distributorship for taking the fall for Kemper Marley in an earlier illegal alcohol distribution operation. Kemper Marley was on the board of directors of the bank that would finance Bugsy Siegel’s Flamingo Casino. Despite his long influence in Arizona politics and the Arizona history museum that bears his name, Kemper Marley lacks a Wikipedia entry for some reason.

On June 2, 1976, investigative journalist, Don Bolles, was the victim of a car bombing in Phoenix, Arizona, likely tied to organized crime. Although never proven, allegations were that the attack was in connection with Bolles investigation of Kemper Marley. Bolles last words were “They finally got me. The Mafia. Emprise. Find John.”

Emprise exists today as Delaware North (after the address of their headquarters in Buffalo, New York) and continues to operate casinos, hotel and other attractions. In 1971, Emprise and other mafia associates were found to be illegal “secret” partners in the Frontier Casino back in the 1960′s. One of the “straight” owners of the Frontier in the 1960′s was a young Steve Wynn. The mob interests in the Frontier Casino, including Emprise, were bought out by Howard Hughes and his Mormon handlers in 1967.

Nice little anecdote. Most of the major casinos “in” Las Vegas are not actually in Las Vegas, but in Paradise, Nevada. The original name of the Frontier Casino was the “Pair-O-Dice” nightclub. I never thought of that pun.

Regardless, maybe the reason McCain is the perpetual choice of the Establishment and Beltway journalists is that he married into a family fortune with deep organized crime connections.

Puts things in perspective.

* Being a US Senator must be amazing. Imagine being 80 and being married to an heiress worth 9-figures. You’d figure that relaxing and spending her money would be an attractive proposition, but he’d rather spend another 6 years in the Senate.

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