6 Media Pillars Of The Alt-Right

Comments at Forward.com:

* Breitbart is not alt-right because it does not accept race as being of any importance. Increasingly, Breitbart is noticing race, but it still cannot see it or understand it outside of the moral-framework which the left has set up.

The alt-right operates outside of the moral-framework which the left has set up. An alt-rightist does not bristle with indignation when called a racist — he shrugs and smugly responds, ‘what of it?’

The alt-rightist, like the Breitbart reader, values Western civiization. But the alt-rightist has a better understanding of the origins of western civilization than the breitbart reader. Yes, Christianity was important (as Fukuyama explained in his book ‘the origins of political order’) but race was important too — and still is.

The global south is on the move. Without a unified white response, the white race will be overwhelmed and fall, and with it western civilization. Science, rule of law, entrepreneurship — these are aspects of white culture and will vanish from the face of the earth should the white race fall.

* Europeans will never become minorities in Europe, that’s outrageous and ridiculous and far-fetched and anyway what’s wrong with such an outcome? There shouldn’t be a problem with that. To object would be racist. Actually, it would be great – just think of the diversity! I want it to happen. It is happening, and we should welcome it. It’s everything we have ever desired. And remember, it’s outrageous and ridiculous and far-fetched to suggest it’s happening.

* The Jewish Daily Forward is also a beloved Alt-Right site.

* If you say pseudo-scientific one more time they’re going to shut down the research into Jewish genetic diseases.

* Is it a conspiracy theory to suggest that Jews are overrepresented in positions of power and put their ethnic interests before those of others?

For example, Jewish organizations — and indeed, many Jewish individuals as well — overwhelmingly push for diversity in the West but oppose it in Israel.

Also, is it a conspiracy theory to suggest that Jewish intellectuals have had a significant effect on society? As an ethnic European in the West, many of these intellectuals have advocated things contrary to our interests. The Frankfurt School is a good example.

* Why is it acceptable for Jews to have an ethno-state and advocate for their ethnic interests but not white people?

* Whites have never been threatened with extermination for being white, Jews have suffered attempts to exterminate them for being Jews–that’s the difference.

* Oy Vey whites looking out for their own interests. Shut these sites down.

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