How To Be A Moral Manwhore

Chelsea Summers writes in the December issue of Penthouse:

A manwhore may f— anything that moves, but a moral manwhore puts in a call the next day. A moral manwhore is a guy who has sex to please both himself and his partners, and he’s a man who takes responsibility for his actions…

If you know you’re just looking for sex without strings, then be direct and up front…

A moral manwhore makes sure that the woman he’s with has as good a time as he does.

You owe it to yourself — as well as to your partners — to figure out why you’re doing the women you’re doing, because not all motivations are healthy ones.

I’ve known guys who take their anger out on women by sleeping with anything that moves, or are kind of addicted to the first blush of love and the heady pheromone rush that goes along with it. Still others take brutal pleasure in the head game of making some chick fall in love with them, then heartlessly dumping her.

Pick the right girl: You need to figure out how to separate the sex-flexible from the relationship-rigid.

…[M]any women who are interested in you for sex and sex only will identify themselves as feminists.

It’s always gentlemanly to wear a condom.

Postcoital cuddling is part and parcel of moral manwhoring.

I love this article but I think it’s a delusion. You can’t be promiscuous and not hurt people, yourself and society.

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