NYT: America Needs More Racially Superior Foreign Genes

Steve Sailer writes: “During the Olympics you suddenly hear Human Biodiversity arguments in favor of More Immigration. After all, Americans are too genetically pathetic to medal in distance running, so we should just hire East African mercenaries to run for the USA the way Persian Gulf states do.”

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* The men’s 100m times (six under 10 seconds, winner at 9.81) were about the same as in the 1991 World’s Championship in Tokyo (six under 10 seconds, winner at 9.86), so that suggests that drug testing is currently fairly effective at preventing Great Leaps Forward like Ben Johnson and Flo-Jo.

* [Matt] Centrowitz’s dad is, not surprisingly, white. Mrs. Centrowitz was a runner with a fine track name — Bannister — from British Guyana. She could be a mixture of up to four races: white, black and two kinds of Indians.

* Maybe, Israel should start adding some Ethiopians and West Indians to THEIR track and field team. After all, how many medals did Israel win in Track and Field?

* In fairness, Israel did import a great many Ethiopians, an undertaking which American Jews continue to find thrilling, but Israeli Jews tend, in private, to regret.

Liberals, consciously if not always subconsciously, really do believe all the stuff they say about race. It is the holiest of all the holy doctrines of their religion. Most conservatives follow the same religion, albeit with much less enthusiasm, akin to Catholics who only go to Mass a couple times a year, never go to confession, eat meat on Fridays, etc.

If some other lost Jewish tribe were to be discovered in Africa, liberal American Jews would want them to likewise be airlifted to Israel. Many conservative, Trump-voting American Jews would want the same, if only to deploy as a talking point.

* Other African tribes in the wake of the Falasha have tried to get into Israel, with no success in Israel, not surprisingly, but also with little support from American Jews, who seem to have lost interest once Israel acquired one set of black tokens.

For some reason, the very intelligent concept of Diminishing Marginal Returns applies to immigration into Israel, but not to immigration into America.

* Does anyone really care about the Summer Olympics anymore? I recall seeing more ads and promos for the 2014 Winter Olympics at Sochi than this one; because there were more photogenic and sponsor friendly clean cut young White men and women likely to medal or at least compete for a medal.

Usain Bolt is probably the most impressive and fun to watch sprinter I’ve seen; and I can’t recall any commercials featuring him. Lindsey Vonn has a commercial. Meanwhile retired Peyton Manning still is making commercials.

The US could import half of Ethiopia and Kenya and it would not make a difference, fit soccer moms in yoga pants don’t want to buy stuff endorsed by either a Caster Semanya or a bunch of East Africans. They want plausibly idealized versions of themselves, like say Kerri Walsh Jennings of bikini beach volleyball fame. The US male interest in distance running or track in general is about zero. The NFL makes what, north of $4 billion a year just in TV revenues? How much does Track and Field make? Around $10 million maybe?

* I was watching the Women’s 800M when my wife walked in …..I pointed out Caster Semenya and Margaret Wambui and told my wife that this was a handicap race where some men could compete against women. She bought it. When I told her that Caster and Margaret were actually women she scoffed, “Yeah, right.” So, do we import runners like Caster and Margaret or just transition some slower East Africans. And with Michael Phelps probably retiring for good, can we outfit a dolphin with prosthetic arms and throw it in the pool. Silly comments, but what I really want to say is, why is any of this really important. It is because one day the NYT invalidates HBD and the next they tell you we need some so we can compete against East African runners, but why? The NYT also rails against national pride, so why would we need to best anyone at anything just to be proud.

* Immigration may cause us to disastrously spiral downward in terms of crime, poverty, disease, environmental disaster, overpopulation, and global competitiveness in nearly every area, but we’ll have more Olympic Medals! Every four years! Or something.

Of course, if there is more poverty, we won’t have as many resources to devote to athletic training. Not to mention, our athletes would likely be less healthy. And more crime also puts them more at risk. But Diversity!

* Usain Bolt has said in many ways that he is a devoted Christian – I have no idea if he is a real Christian (my guess is that he is – the Miraculous Medal is not something many phonies want to wear – but I might be wrong, the fastest man in the world might have reasons to pretend to be a Christian when he is not, although I certainly hope that is not the case); in any event, he seems to be in the small group that includes, among others, Mariano Rivera (who would be Jeter-level famous – a similar number of World Series rings – if he were a womanizer like Jeter) and Tebow and Rick Santorum and Sarah Palin, that is, those who walk the walk (in each case, they may not be sincere, but they seem to be). Those guys (the Christian males and Palin, the Christian wife) are hated at a level that is hard to understand, and the ad industry and the media industry are afraid of them.

* This might make you think better of Bolt. He is being interviewed by what appears to be a Spanish language reporter. During the interview, which is on the track at Rio, the US anthem begins for a medal ceremony. Bolt stops talking and faces the flag. The reporter at first tries to keep talking then realizes Bolt won’t speak until the anthem is finished.

* As a relatively skinny white guy I’ve always wondered why a significant sub-section of north European whites are thin ectomorphs. Ectomorphs aren’t particularly suited for farming and heavy labouring, and are more likely to die from cold and famine.

In hot climates ectomorphs handle the heat better, and are better suited to activities like hunting and tracking small game, but they seem out of place in cold northern climates. Perhaps they are primarily the result of interbreeding with Mediterranean whites?

* 1) Of the three major body types, ectomorphs are (considered by most to be) the most sexually attractive women and (ditto) the second-most sexually attractive men. There is therefore a very strong sexual selection factor for ectomorph characteristics.

2) Europeans developed, relatively early, sophisticated methods of farming and keeping warm during the winter, and, unlike other groups who formed early, sedentary civilizations, continually improved their farming and architecture.

In doing so, they virtually eliminated the environmental selection factor against ectomorph builds, to the point where it was easily outweighed by the sexual selection factor in favor of them. Compare the similarly-ectomorphic people in cold parts of East Asia.

European civilization’s elimination of environmental selection factors is probably a big part of why whites are generally considered the most attractive people, including/especially by other races. It’s also probably a big part of why genetic diseases are continually increasing in frequency.

3) Ectomorphs are just the default/average body type, whereas the others likely have to do with recessive genes and/or epigenetics.[*] It’s obscured by adults who get into weightlifting or Big Macs, but think back to high school — there were the jocks, the fat kids, and then everyone else.

[*] Genes that are latent but may be expressed later in life at a random point or in response to some trigger. Think asthma and allergies; it’s also the most plausible current theory for the cause of homosexuality.

4) It’s not often discussed, being rather inconvenient for obvious reasons, but Europe used to be much warmer than it is now. The Romans had vineyards in Northern England and imported lions from Russia; we keep finding Viking villages buried under the ice as the Greenland glaciers melt (contemporary texts establish pretty definitively that the name “Greenland” was assigned in earnest).

* Why don’t we import racially superior immigrants to replace the entire NY Times staff and newsroom? Are they implying their white writers are superior to non-white non-immigrant writers?

* It’s Sunday morning and the Men’s Marathon is on. At the 35 km mark a white American, Galen Rupp, is one of the three leaders.

The BBC announcer had this to say:

“It is possible for Western athletes to compete alongside the mights of the East Africans – they’re human beings, they’re not machines, and if they can work hard, so can our athletes.

. . . I’m so pleased to see Galen Rupp up with in the mix in the medals because it sends the right signal to western-based distance runners that with the right amount of hard work there’s no reason you can’t be in the mix for a major medal come an Olympic games or major championship.”

When he finished talking the Kenyan and Ethiopian pulled away from Rupp. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – Rupp got the bronze, just missing out on silver.

If only Rupp had worked harder . . .

* American Jewry has Israel over a barrel, but we basically never see them force Israel to do anything “liberal” that they push here. Stop electing people well to the right of (and far more nationalist than) Trump? Nope. Open borders? Nope. Stop building gigantic border walls? Nope. Diversity mania? Nope. End to Israeli Apartheid? Nope. End to Jewish Colonialism and Jewish Supremacy? Nope. Justice for the Palestinians? Nope. Affirmative action for Arabs and Palestinians? Nope. Stop shelling Palestinians every few years? Nope. Arab hope-n-change head of state in Israel? Nope. Media as open sewer? I dunno, but I doubt it.

Few thousand blacks who get treated like crap (I’m being kind)? Not really blowing my skirt up.

American Jewry has more power over Israel than they have over the US, but, not much in the way of results.

Unless you realize American Jewish leftism is phony, Jewish Supremacy (“Is It Good For The Jews?”) in disguise. That you’re seeing divergent aims, not performance. Then you realize there is no curious, sudden, selective ineffectiveness – reality makes sense again.

It’s not like American Jewry even makes much noise about this, never mind cutting off the purse strings. How many other issues can you think of that 1) Annoy Jews, and 2) Jews don’t complain about?

* The “black Hebrews” are not Jews. Judaism is a club; every crackhead in the Bronx doesn’t get to say if they are in the club because they got rejected by the NOI or whatever. Blacks who join the club according to the club’s rules, are in the club. There’s not many because you basically can’t join the club if your IQ is below 100. Disparate Impact wins again.

Related question, there are black cults who claim that they are the only real Muslims, black cults who claim they are the only real Jews; are there black cults who claim they are the only real Christians?

* In medieval England, body types tended to match your social caste. The worker class, the drawers of water and hewers of wood, namely your farmers, were endomorphs. They looked like the bulky peasants out of a painting by Peter Bruegel the Elder. They have the steady physical endurance you need for farming. The mesomorphs were the warrior caste, the knights. They hit hard but tire more quickly than the endomorphs. But the rulers were the ectomorphs. Go look at pictures of the British titled aristocracy both today and back then, and you’ll be surprised at how many of them are skinny, at least up to their mid-thirties. If you look at old paintings of the Plantagenets–at least the ones considered to be the most accurate–you’ll be surprised to see that they were ectomorphs. The reason women chase ectomorphs is that even in today’s society, ectomorphs are not lower class. They tend to be at least upper-middle class, so women who marry them are more likely to be marrying money and influence, or eventual money and influence as the ectomorph males work their way up their chosen career path. By and large, ectomorphs are clever, and they know how to say the right things and make things work for them, given enough time and experience.

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