What’s Wrong With The Mormons?

Ricky Vaughn tweets: “Mormons are simply another interest group that wants to sell America for parts, like the Muslim Brotherhood or the International Zionists.”

Chaim Amalek Are Mormons showing incipient signs of the sort of racially suicidal dementia that has afflicted WASPS in Nordic lands?
Miriam Lilian D Or They’re very big in Polynesia, they have lots of converts from the islands, although I rarely see blonde high-hierarchy ones in Utah marry them. The “white and delightsome” ones.
Chaim Amalek Miriam Lilian D Or I want a “white and delightsome” one for myself. Young pretty fertile blond women are well worth the magic undergarments.
Chaim Amalek Also, I love that video. Not as good as “Adolf Hitler, Anti-Racist” but still good.
Miriam Lilian D Or The deity of Mormonism sure has a lot of blonde wives who look the same. Its endearing to watch them in the video frolic with their children.
Chaim Amalek What a wonderful world that would be. Jew heaven just has tables full of bearded men shaking back and forth and they study the Talmud.

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