LAT: Six new CBS series, six white male leads. With prime-time diversity growing, how did the network fall behind?

The MSM’s onslaught against whites is relentless. I bet Israel does not bemoan Israeli TV series with Jewish leads. I bet Japan does not bemoan TV series with Japanese leads.

Los Angeles Times: “Few of its fall programs in the past decade have featured a minority actor in a starring role. In its current lineup, the network has the lowest number of minority leads among broadcast networks — three — and is the only broadcast network to not have a series built around a family of color.

In contrast, ABC, NBC and Fox are each launching at least one series this fall with a person of color as the lead, further expanding their already more diverse gallery of stars.

Acknowledging CBS’ shortfall of nonwhite leads in the new shows that will kick off its fall season, CBS Entertainment President Glenn Geller maintained that diversity has been and remains a priority.”

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