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Comments at Steve Sailer:

* The USA lost to Australia in the women’d 4×100 but hey, we are more diverse! I notice a HUGE push for ‘diversity’ (eg less whites ) in US Swimming:
a. they have a full time diversity officer- imagine how much that disrupts practice and focus for good white swimmer.
b. cullen jones got more funding than Phelps for most of phelps’ career -including sponsorship.
c. almost every USA swimmer that is sponsored by speedo is mixed race – whites are ignored.
d. we are literally willing to have a less effective swim team in the name of diversity.

* Barack Hussein Obama was bragging about how proud he is that a Muslim woman in a hijab is representing The U.S in the Olympics in Rio De Janeiro.

Not surprising, because he is the identity politics president first and the American president a distant last.

* I’m sure a flood of comments are about to start pouring in along the lines of this being a competition to see which Western nation has the best black people vs. which despotism has the best drugs. Again, whatever. Don’t care, although the doping thing, which is probably the most odious byproduct of the death of amateurism, really does annoy me. Russian-style state-sponsored doping for ideological reasons actually bothers me less than individual athletes choosing to cheat to secure more lucrative endorsements. Pure class warfare, I know, but again, I don’t care: at least I’m open about it! Frankly, I’m more fascinated by the way in which the entry of more and more women’s sports has become the West’s way of “rigging” the Games in its favour, not unlike the Winter Olympics (for the record, I prefer the Winter Olympics, and am happy about this rigging). In particular, it seems as though a country’s success in women’s team sports is directly correlated with how easy it is to be an out lesbian in said country. More power to them…and us!

* Brazilians regardless of race find European standards of beauty to be attractive. Most Brazilians would agree that Gisele Bundchen is far more attractive than the Sudanese Dinka Alek Wek for example.

Gisele Bundchen is very popular among the Brazilian masses. She is not hated by most of them.

* Black American women have a lot of hostility for White women (cf their frequent complaints about White women stealing successful Black men). And there’s a whole academic industry devoted to the psychic harm that “Eurocentic” standards of beauty inflict on Black women.

* The first gold medal goes to an American girl for shooting guns. Ain’t America great?

* One of the reasons to watch these things is when the American announcer is forced to describe a non-American black. They’ve been trained to say African-American, but that can’t work with a Canadian, but they are allergic to saying the word “black” in any context.

The New Religion may kill us all, but it will have its amusing bits.

* The real question is who will strike first: ISIS – after all, the American and Israeli delegations are in the city – or the drug dealers from the favelas. And this brings up two interesting questions: if ISIS and the “traficantes” strike at the same time, will they join forces or will they fight? And if they fight, who will win? ISIS wins when it comes to fanaticism and will to win. The traficantes have home turf advantage and probably numbers. In terms of savagery, it is tough to call. It is like trying to decide between Jack the Ripper or Jeffrey Dahmer. From playing soccer with human heads to burning entire families alive inside bus tiers and blowing kids to pieces by bombing pre-schools, there is no end to these guys’ creativity and resourcefulness in the art of being repulsive savages.

And I don’t understand why so many people are surprised that the “Girl from Ipanema” is blond with green eyes. The elite of Rio has always been of aristocratic Portuguese stock with a lot of French(because the territory Rio is on was owned by the French) and Dutch blood. The theme of the song revolves around the inability of a cowardly young man who is inept with girls making a move on a girl he fancies.

* I don’t want to see women boxing, playing Rugby, wrestling, Lifting enormous weights, throwing shot puts and hammers, or engaging in “combat” sports or feats of strength.

Besides being absurdly inferior to the men in these sports, most of women who participate seem to of dubious sexuality or incredibly unfeminine.

* Germany v. Mexico Olympic Soccer
Mexican free kick
Germany set up a wall
Wow. Just wow
I can’t even
Literally Hitler

* Concussions mostly come from getting hit “on the button”, a spot on chin about an inch in from the tip. The jaw works as a lever, spinning the cranium around on an axis.

Knockouts and concussions mostly happen when the brain touches the dura mater. Your brain floats in thick liquid called cerebral-spinal fluid. When hit on the button, your skull rotates fast, with a lag due to brain floating in fluid. Think ice in a glass. The dura mater is a layer between brain and skull.

So why no headgear? Headgear does not protect the jaw. It is a big pad on the front of your skull, which is the hardest bone in the body. It protects the eyes from cuts. Your peripheral vision stinks.

Also, boxing gloves do not protect people being hit, it protects your hands punching folks on the melon.

* Think Newton’s cradle: the force applied to the head in each case is the same, the overall head/gear combo moves less, the loose mobile absorbent of the energy is the brain.

* Explanations that I’ve read:

1. The headgear becomes an extension of your head and expands the area that your opponent can come into contact with and increases the likelihood of you getting hit.

2. Headgear blocks your peripheral vision and slides over your eyes.

3. Once your brain goes into motion headgear can’t stop it from crashing into your skull.

4. Headgear cushions blows, but you get hit more often.

The main benefit of headgear is to protect the eyes and reduce cuts and bruises during sparring.

* Brazil did go from the level of sub-Saharan Africa a mere 60 years ago to being one of the World’s 6 or 7 largest economies – depending on how you measure GDP. But the problem is Brazil reached a ceiling. Brazil has enough talent to create and manage First World industries, but not enough people to work at that level that would elevate the country to 1st World status. Thus, Brazil is an unique country that is an economic power with First World industries(nuclear reactors, super-computers, airplanes, sophisticated weaponry, etc), but is a Third World country with millions of people living in squalor.

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