LAT: I had lunch with a right-wing white nationalist group. Here’s what I learned

Annie Z. Yu writes for the Los Angeles Times:

They don’t actually support Donald Trump or the Republican party.

“If you think about it, most Trump supporters are working-class white Americans. Those are our constituents,” said Matthew Heimbach, the 25-year-old chairman and co-founder of the group. “They might not be voting for us yet, but that’s only because they don’t know they have that option.”

They want to redraw state boundaries into “regions” that have similar ethnicities, political views and values.

Heimbach believes the country is so polarized that there’s nothing that unites Americans other than using the same currency.

“We even speak different languages,” he said.

One example: He’d like one “region,” from Pennsylvania down to the upper part of the South, running through Appalachia.

The group thinks social issues like gay marriage and abortion should be decided at regional levels like the one he’s proposed.

“Let’s stop fighting a culture war. Just declare both sides victors, and in your respective region, do what you think is best,” he said.

They’re against “forced multiculturalism,” and they want a full stop on immigration into their region.

This includes all immigration — legal and illegal.

“Zero net migration, I think would be fair,” Heimbach said.

But they don’t want to stop other regions of the country from welcoming diversity, if that’s what they want.

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