Leslie Jones Is Beautiful And Brave

And her new Ghostbusters 2 movie is very funny.

Criticizing the new Ghostbusters movie is not who we are as Americans.

No movie starring a woman of color should be criticized because racism and Holocaust.

First they came for Leslie Jones, and I said nothing (aside from that she’s brave, beautiful and funny).

One minute the goyim criticize Ghostbusters 2, the next minute they’re firing up the gas chambers.

Any assault on beautiful black women like Leslie Jones is an assault on Jews. Jews are safest in a multicultural society with no noticing.

Yidden! We must stand with Leslie Jones or the goyim will start producing their own movies and TV shows and running Federal Reserve. Sad!

One day your grandkids will ask you where you stood when Leslie Jones was criticized on Twitter.

As long as Leslie Jones is feeling unhappy, all Jews are unhappy in solidarity with oppressed persons of color because of the Holocaust.

Thank you Twitter for making this a safe space for oppressed people of color, the transgendered and those seeking an identity.


Gotnews: @AzealiaBanks Says $TWTR CEO @Jack Dorsey Is Gay For @DeRay

Black rapper Azealia Banks tweeted that Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey is gay for DeRay McKesson before deleting it Wednesday night.



She continued tweeting.

Did Banks just confirm that Jack Dorsey is gay? Sure looks that way.

And does that mean that Dorsey intervened to kick me off of Twitter for his crush DeRay Mckesson?

Oh my!

They even did this interview together.

And they’ll be at this event together in June.

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