What Happened In Turkey?

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* What amazes me is how the Gulen cult became the second most powerful political force in Turkey because Gulen identified test prep centers as a crucial choke point in Turkish society.

The problem is that American politics and society are starting to get Byzantine. The American right in general, the part of it that is beyond the lamestream, suffers from the syndrome of either being too genteel or too apocalyptic; we can’t consider a middle ground. We think that our only choices are having fewer logical fallacies in our arguments than the other side and that alone will carry the day and win the cause, or we get too caught up in revolutionary fantasies. We do have a third option: Going Byzantine. Identifying crucial choke points before anyone else does, then choking away. We should find our version of the test prep centers.

For instance, take this refugee yoot quasi-rape case in Twin Falls, Idaho. The parents are at a loss for what to do, because no official authorities seem to want to help them. We know the Federal government brought these refugees here, but we can’t take them on directly because they’re too powerful and also the concept of the Federal government is too abstract for people to despise, meaning we can’t get requisite public support; besides, the Feds are where grandma gets her Social Security check. We can’t take it to the refugees themselves, because refugees are sympathetic figures, and of course the media won’t explain that they’re not really refugees, they’re opportunistic grifters; the world will be all over us like ducks on a june bug if we go after the refugees themselves, innocent defenseless yoots that had to face the ravages of war, and also, punching down.

All seems lost if we can’t do anything to the refugees or to the government that brought them here. And certainly, we can’t stop it with a logical argument.

Thankfully, there is a test prep center we can exploit. It’s the Jack Ryan strategy. Not the movie Jack Ryan, the Occidental Dissent Jack Ryan.

Where there is refugee resettlement, there is usually a business interest that is assisting the actual refugee translation. The Feds do bring them into the country, but precisely where in the country they are resettled depends on interested business partners, to give the refugees jobs. In the case of Twin Falls, Idaho, the guilty party is Chobani, the yogurt maker, which opened up a big plant there a few years ago, and surely wants slave labor. Needless to say, Chobani has a CEO, a Turk national (ironically enough) and an ethnic Kurd, who is living and working in the United States. We should dox the bastard, link him to this quasi-rape, and make his personal life a living hell. All within the bounds of the law, of course, but there are probably dozens of ways to do that. The added benefit is that nobody likes corporate CEOs, you’d have way more public support for ruining their personal lives than you would if you tried to take out after the refugees themselves or the Federal government.

Make the individuals who are profiting from immigration treason suffer personally, and things will start to get better. That’s our test prep center.

* You could argue the big winner of this failed coup was Putin. Going forward Erdogan will have to increasingly look towards the Russians as partners in order to guard his power against the intrigues of the US and EU. Turkey and Russia are natural enemies due to religion and geography but they might be able to pull off a detente for a decade or two if Putin and Erdogan push for it. It is in the interest of both men and it seems Putin in particular is heavily in favor of some sort of arrangement as part of his Eurasian project.

Incidentally, Russian media is claiming that the Turkish pilot who shot down the Su-24 last November was a key instigator of the plot against the government. It might just be noise from the Kremlin but who can be really sure?

And yes, Erdogan is corrupt but his would-be replacements were not a bunch of choir boys. Politicians are venal by nature and Middle Eastern politicians have turned the collection of bribes into a science. In this case the corrupt tyrant who avoided being deposed is likely a better prospect for stability than the corrupt army officers who opposed him. No one said the world is a nice place.

* The more clannish and low trust a society/ethnicity, the more conspiring goes on. In south east europe, we should expect to see more of it. NW Europe and Japan are exceptional in their altruism.

* This coup attempt was either a false flag staged by Erdogan or the participants were just idiotic. Mind you, they must have been just as idiotic if Erdogan staged this.

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