NYT Asks If Those Five Dallas Cops Had It Coming

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* NIKOLE HANNAH-JONES. I figured she was black by the hyphenated last names she has. How pathetic and predictable. She is very light skinned and trying to find her niche in the racial grievance industry. And make it pay! As in getting’ paid!

* I’d prefer to see those yawning racial gaps between countries, rather than within one city.

* “Gaps,” “discriminatory,” “marginalized,” “community policing,” are these articles written by computer programs? If so, double check before it goes to print that “problematic” and “vibrant” are in there next time.

* Yet all five people in the living room who had sons said they would still give them “the talk” about how to react if stopped by the police.

* But I always find myself wondering, if the “the talk” is so pervasive in the black community, why is it that every single case I can think of in which a cop kills a black, the black guy seems never to have heard the talk, or never given it the slightest heed? Don’t they seem to have heard “the anti-talk” instead?

* Proud Jew Jesse Benn writes: Slain Dallas Cop Might’ve Been A White Supremacist: Still A Hero?

Ahrens was one of the five Dallas cops killed last week. While mainstream media presented him as a family man, gushed over his imposing size, his sense of humor, and otherwise went to great lengths to humanize and memorialize him as a hero, a band of international Internet sleuths came together to research something the press failed to notice: Ahrens’ affinity for imagery associated with white supremacists. Right in one of the main pictures journalists and editors were sharing with stories about Ahrens, is an Iron Cross tattooed on his finger. With this tipping them off, the Internet sleuths jumped into action and quickly turned up more evidence of Ahrens’ white supremacist leanings.

Evidence in hand, they put together a meme cataloguing it and blogged about what they’d found.

A few friends and acquaintances of mine did the legwork and discovered that slain Dallas police officer Lorne Ahrens was a proud, open white supremacist. His ring finger bore an Iron Cross tattoo, his Facebook cover photo was a massive Thor’s Hammer symbol, and his left arm was emblazoned with a “crusaders’ shield,” common to those right-wing Christians who believe that Christianity is engaged in a centuries-long war with Islam. His Facebook likes included pages which bore similar iconography–more Iron Crosses and a Confederate flag or two.

Taken in isolation, each of Ahrens’ choices of imagery and his Facebook “likes” might be explainable. Taken in context, the band of Internet sleuths’ conclusion that “Ahrens was a proud, open white supremacist,” is hard to deny. Let’s look it over.

First, the Iron Cross. In spite of its use by the Third Reich, it isn’t an inherently a racist image. It’s popular amongst bikers, skaters, and a host of other groups in the United States. On the other hand, it remains in the Anti-Defamation League’s Hate Symbols Database and prevalent amongst white supremacists. So far there are no indications Ahrens was a biker or skateboarder.

Thor’s Hammer (Mjölnir) is in a similar boat as the Iron Cross as far as it not being an inherently racist symbol and existing in the ADL’s Hate Symbols Database. Unlike the Iron Cross, Mjölnir imagery is also used by Asatrúers–a Neopagan religious group. Regrettably, Asatrú beliefs also appeal to white supremacists, especially in prisons, as they see it as more purely white than Christianity. {snip}

Given his work in law enforcement and the ties between Asatrú and prisoners, it’s hard to believe Ahrens’ embrace of the Mjölnir was an innocent one. Beyond that, it appears he took the image from a t-shirt for sale that’s advertised with the not-so-subtle dog whistle to white supremacists: “‘Nordic Pride’ Shirt! Real Vikings will know what this means!” I’m no Viking, but I’m pretty sure I know what they mean.

Next, the Crusaders’ Shield tattoo. Again, by itself this might just be the mark of a hyper-masculine Christian, who believes his faith shields him from evil in some sort of ongoing biblical conflict. In the context of someone who publicly follows a range of Islamophobic Facebook groups and has an affinity for other white supremacist iconography, it becomes more damning. It also contradicts the argument that he picked the Mjölnir for his Facebook cover photo due to Asatrú religious beliefs, since it indicates Ahrens’ Christian faith.

His funeral service is being held at a Baptist church as well.


Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking. How dare I sully Ahrens’ good name after he’s dead. And to that I’d say if he was affiliated with white supremacy as he appears to be, his name was never good in the first place.

* NYT: “In the wake of last week’s sniper shooting that left five Dallas police officers dead, many people have lamented that it happened in this city, with a black police chief who even critics say has made inroads with the community and worked to steer his force away from its history of racism and abuse. Since Chief David O. Brown took over the department in 2010, excessive-force complaints have dropped 64 percent, and he has started de-escalation training and a successful community policing program.”

Which explains why it happened, because the DPD turned itself into, and telegraphed the message that they are, easy marks.

* The problem with this piece is it approves of collective punishment for all white policemen because of the actions of a few. What it does not allow is a collective awareness by all policemen based on personal experiences dealing with blacks’ disregard for laws and civility.

Because blacks behave badly, we must punish whites.

* It’s Saturday night and as far as I can tell by what is shown on the national tv news, all of the Nice victims were Muslims. Obviously, this was a tragedy in which a runaway truck has caused great suffering in the loyal French Muslim communities, and we should have nothing but sympathy for Muslims, the real victims in Nice, France.

Speaking of the real victims, here in Dallas, USA the media has finally managed to get the focus back on the people who matter, the black people of Dallas and their Endless Story of Suffering. Maybe if i could watch enough TV I could experience that amazing grace that could save a white wretch like me.

* It’s always “discrimination” and “policies” that somehow magically “concentrate” blacks in “deeply poor and underdeveloped neighborhoods”. Blacks have no agency, they have absolutely *nothing* to do with their being poor.

It can’t possibly be that blacks say aren’t real bright, aren’t very conscientious, aren’t very cooperative and just don’t do really well in navigating industrial civilization. And that other non-black people tend to voluntarily flee from\avoid black areas because of blacks dysfunction and especially their tendency toward crime and violence. I mean in the other communities and nations with blacks we don’t see this same pattern?

In my old age, i just get so sick of reading what are essentially political editorials promoting a sociology that has basically been thoroughly debunked by everything that’s happened in the last 50+ i’ve been alive.

Seriously we’ve done the civil rights experiment. The wave packet has collapsed. The uncertainty is gone.

* Cops really are a lot like outlaw bikers-they have all the same basic elements, and are generally from the same stratum of society. The difference is that bikers are not paid from tax revenue and are easier to avoid.

To be effective, the police have to be generally feared in the way that authority figures in general have to be feared. At one time, most kids, especially boys, feared their fathers on a certain level. They knew sufficient misbehavior would result in an ass whipping. In the military, you feared your superior officers and NCOs. In school you feared, to a certain extent, the teachers, principal, and so forth.

We’ve lost that utterly today. Kids can’t be physically punished in school no matter the magnitude of their misdeeds. Parents do not spank or hit their kids nearly at the level they did even as recently as thirty years ago from what I see around me. I routinely see young boys act in ways I would never have dared act with their fathers and in their immediate presence. And I was not raised in a particularly strict environment.

I don’t give cops a hard time, but I do try to act in ways that will minimize my interactions with law enforcement. I don’t do stuff that is illegal. I don’t do stuff that would lead a casual observer to think that I was doing something illegal. At the same time, I avoid certain intersections and roads with heavy police presence. I keep my vehicle licensed and tagged with insurance and working lights and muffler. I don’t drink and drive. This is true even though I fully accept that a large part of the enforcement against these things is to provide revenue to the city and state.

At the same time, I have to say we have several local cops who are people I would like to see off the force. One or two are simply stupid, and one I know for a fact is corrupt, and at least one other is a probable sociopath. There is nothing I am going to do about it, except to prudently avoid them. At the same time, if they wind up meeting a fate such as the five officers in Dallas, I’m not going to publicly celebrate, but I certainly won’t feel any sadness. The local PD will have a huge biker style funeral for them (huge cop funerals are in fact something police openly say they started doing after seeing Hells Angels and other MC’s do it) and I will stay home and far away. I won’t say a word. I’m not stupid. But I won’t miss their absence.

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