John Rivers: ‘It’s awesome, no matter how barbaric the crimes of a Muslim, the moment he commits them he’s no longer a True Muslim. It’s Magic.’

John Rivers tweets:

* Nope, even if they say “I’m a Muslim and I’m dong this for Islam” they are, by definition, not a True Muslim.

* The Left will support anyone who scares, frightens or murders White Christians.
Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend.

* Wow, just hours before the #NiceAttack the French President said “what threatens us is the rise of populism.”

* At least 100 million muslims have a favorable view of ISIS and over 200 million support terrorism as a tactic.

* Islam has always been part of America.
Gay Marriage has always been in the Constitution.

America: Land of the Free, Home of the Retcon.

* British Muslim Journalist Blames Islamophobia For Nice Terror Attack. The enemy within – we ignore at our peril.

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