How Do Journalists Get Their Ideas?

They read Steve Sailer!

Steve Sailer writes: I presume Kang is reading forbidden stuff and just changing the valence.

You see that more and more: it’s an easy source for mainstream guys for interesting new ideas.

* Fortunately, Kang has a plan to prevent mobs of Portland / Seattle soccer snobs from launching the Trumpian Fourth Reich: American soccer fans must be browbeaten into rooting for the Mexican national team.


* I can see how a Korean American might be scared of organized white people, and also why he would be fascinated with Seung-Hui Cho. Clearly, he wouldn’t be worried about Mexican peasants threatening his position in the world, but white people? Shee-it, negro kimchee, you don’t know what them crazy crackers might do, especially when they start wearing linens and burning things at night!

* The joke here is that these are hipster white dudes who probably wish they could enjoy more stereotypically male pursuits unironically, and only the Europhilic gloss on soccer makes it respectable in their circles.

NASCAR is obviously off-limits. College football, ironically seems not to be much of thing with these guys, maybe because a lot of them went to Northeastern private schools. MMA, for some reason, seems to have some cachet with hipster dudes, maybe because it plays up the women’s fights and is therefore “feminist”?

* Looking forward to Kang’s sequel article: The Unbearable Whiteness of Rowing

* Steve Sailer: I wrote in “The Real Threat to British Elites:”

It’s difficult for Americans to grasp precisely why European elites are so terrified of populist organizations such as the BNP or the ascendant English Defence League that they instinctively cover up the crimes of barbaric foreigners.

A major difference between the US and Europe is that almost every European country has a rudimentary set of localist/nationalist organizations for young men already in place due to the more organic nature of sports over there.

The English Defence League, for example, emerged in part out of soccer hooligan firms. …

In the US, however, spectator sports were organized from the top of society down, which has largely kept them from being a vehicle for mass populism. For example, American football evolved among rivalries between universities with national pretensions: Harvard v. Yale, Army v. Navy, and Notre Dame v. USC.

Similarly, professional sports in the US always had a strongly corporate, upper-middle-class air. …

In contrast, European soccer clubs mostly emerged from their indigenous communities. European soccer teams sponsored local youth leagues that served as feeder systems for talent. American college basketball coaches, though, are lauded not for their training, but for scouring distant slums to recruit genetically gifted one-and-done stars. …

In recent decades, European soccer has been corporatized, with importation of South American superstars and fairly successful efforts to suppress hooliganism by making the spectator experience more genteel, like that of American football. Still, unlike American sports, soccer furnishes the skeleton of a system by which nationalist loyalties could potentially be organized.

This scares European elites. To them, Pakistanis are no challenge. Sure, they’re good at gang-raping little girls, but they’re hardly a threat to the establishment. It’s European men—with their talent for self-organization—who frighten Europe’s ruling class.

* Hispanic immigrants did drive Blacks out of sanitation/janitorial jobs in CA a couple of decades ago. The jobs were unionized, and employers brought in Hispanic hires as a union-busting move.

* Dunno, Anglo-American soccer fans identifying more with Europe than with Latin America seems pretty natural to me. I mean, Kang, this may come as a shock, but Anglo-America and Latin America have very little in common with one another. Indeed, that’s one of the big reasons why large scale immigration from Latin America is a really bad idea.

* “For the stunted American male, frust­rated with the changing demographics of the country and gripped by the belief that his days on top are coming to an end,”

Do our betters have any idea how inflammatory this kind of thing sounds to people who are not schooled in SJW academic cant?

I read stuff like this and I swear I sometimes wonder if there’s a concerted effort among elites to goad whites into a racist backlash on purpose, so the “backlash” can then be used to justify sterner measures. I’m well aware of how goofy that sounds, but yeesh. Sometimes I really wonder.

Glenn Reynolds is right: The current “leaders” of the West, whether cultural or political or what have you, must be the most incompetent leadership class since the waning days of Rome.

* As I was an East Asian immigrant, I had a greater exposure to East Asians in this country than most Americans.

I agree that East Asians like this nonsensical tool, Kang, are few in number. The ones I know tend to be either traditional/conservative or un-ideological (but that’s probably selection bias on my part). I’ve run into very few “social justice warriors” of the East Asian stripe, but I think the higher educational establishment is producing more of them today than they did, say, 20-30 years ago. So I expect more of this inanity from younger Americans of Asian descent.

And those few Asian SJWs – at least from my experience – tend to be quite zealous. They strike me as the latter-day Red Guard. In other words, they are either 1) gullible and are parroting the left-wing pieties of their professors and other establishment authority figures with gusto or are 2) shameless careerists who are trying to out-do the white SWPL/SJW types to fit in and succeed in their world.

On a separate note, of all the places where grassroots white nationalism might arise, Seattle soccer hipsters are not it. I was stationed south of Seattle at one point and spent time there often. The men there struck me as particularly effeminate and passive-aggressive. Whatever blue collar toughness Seattle once had (logging, shipyard, aircraft factory), it has been sucked out and replaced by limp-wristed, pencil-necked “Portlandia” a long time ago.

* Because Koreans tend to be the most extreme among East Asians whatever they do. When they go full-SWJ, they can be the most shrill of the lot. On theother hand, when they decide to go full-patriotic, they become Navy SEALs, Green Berets, etc. (the modal surname for each graduating class at West Point is often “Kim”).

For a number of reasons, they remain the most Christian and the best assimilated East Asians in this country, with the highest intermarrage rate with whites. Though things are changing with the younger cohorts, the likes of Kang are rare among them.

* I’m sure they originally looked to the soccer fan cultures south of the border to imitate, but they realized that it would be cultural appropriation, which is a mortal sin in Portlandia. So they were forced to look to their cousins across the pond and into their own roots. No doubt it is a venal sin of class appropriation.
But to give credit to Kang, such trivial cultural linkages are ultimately dangerous for the status quo…

* Low IQ people like women’s MMA for the same reason such people stage pit bull or cock fights.

I think high IQ SWPLs like women’s MMA for the same reason they go for roller derby, excessive tattoos, unpleasantly cut bangs on women, and trashy culture in general: if something is obviously beautiful, good, pleasant, inspiring, ennobling, etc., then there’s no cultural cachet to be gained by liking it.

* Someone should give a condescending lecture to Kang about how Koreans should support the Japanese national team.

* Blacks are rejecting colorblindness out of desperation. Under the yoke of affirmative action for 50 long years, whites are finally putting together the program that complies with the rules but minimizes the legal advantage to blacks.

Without a substantial legal advantage, blacks just fail.

Hence they are turning into thugs. They should get nothing at this time. That’s important, this is the dark time before the dawn. Stay strong.

* Whatever the case, if young Seattle men are doing something to reclaim their manhood – even if it involves mindless/uninteresting/pointless fandom – I’m all for it. Seattle’s mayor is a militant sodomite, its city council has long been dominated by a lesbian faction, and the de facto king of the city is Jeff Bezos, who looks like he just emerged from a mole tunnel.

* Did this guy never listen to Team Iceland’s Viking War Chant (which is, actually, bs, but it still sound’s good!) at the Euro? Someone please inform this author that Icelanders are white…and, like, yeah, EVERYONE, world-wide, French, Portuguese and German teams and fans, loved this very tribal chant.

The fact that he did not even mention The Euro tells me he knows jack about soccer or soccer fans. What a dork. Probably never painted his face or chest for team colors, I’m guessing…nor got drunk and thought the ‘big game’ was awesome with his bros.

If you just finished watching the Euro, you would know that soccer has very nationalistic, visceral, atavistic, behavior of fans at every game, and yes, there was bad-ass fan behavior also, on the streets of Paris.

I mean, Oregon/Washington soccer leagues/MLS is still sort of “meh” to me. But, this author trying to draw some kind of strings of bad white behavior that may mirror British soccer hooliganism is really stretching it.

Also, he must not co-opt and malign my Alexi, a family friend, into an article obviously, written by someone who not only does not understand soccer and its history, but has a personal axe to grind.

OT: I ignore conspiracy theories (because they freak me out) BUT, the underlying idea that whites are difficult to control or be to be subjugated, is the sheer fact that they are the largest males…I think Danes are the tallest and huskiest. And, a long time ago, my son’s South American soccer coach said that the reason that few Central Americans make it to the Premier League is their short height…or relative squatness compared to the long limbs of all the other men from all over the world.

Now, my take on why Iceland lost: they were bigger (most of them) than the French players, but they lack tactical and footskills that all the Euro teams have. However, it is hard to be a world-class team if you come together for a short time to play together in a country of 330,000.
But, they achieved a lot, and everybody loved them.

* I doubt Kang hates white people more than your basic Brooklyn hipster does. He just sees a cultural trend and takes part in it, and does it fairly well. He’s just trying to fit in, cut him some slack. Blame the trend, not the trendster.

A more interesting trendy Asian guy is Eddie Huang, of the Fresh Off the Boat book and TV series, and restaurants, and hip-hop culture. He has interesting insights on racial politics. Of course this has gotten him in trouble.

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