Ethiopian-born Jews on life in Israel: ‘It was always my dream to come to Jerusalem’

Gee, I wonder why. Could it be that Israel is a first-world country while Ethiopia is a typically backward and brutal black country?

American Jews were thrilled to declare Ethiopians “Jewish” but Israelis were not as excited as they live with them.

Ethiopians have an average IQ around 70.

Washington Post:

But Tamano-Shata said the barriers she faced pushed her to seek a career in politics. In college, she became the voice of the student protests, standing in the midst of large crowds with a microphone, to decry discrimination against her community.

After gaining a seat in the parliament in 2013, she made headlines when she offered to donate blood but was told that Israelis of Ethiopian origin were not allowed to donate for fear of spreading HIV. She has been pushing for change even since.

“I believe in integration,” she said. “There are so many programs for Ethiopian immigrants, but it’s all about keeping them separate from Israelis.”

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