WP: Dallas gunman studied ‘shoot and move’ tactics, black nationalism

Does nationalism cause people to kill? No more than religion or other common political ideologies such as socialism.

All nationalisms contain the capacity for genocide. All nationalisms contain a victimhood and all forms of victimhood contain a nationalism.

Different groups are competing for scarce resources. While individuals may get along, in many times and places, blacks and whites are fundamentally enemies because their interests are so different.

In many times and places, Jews and gentiles are fundamentally enemies, just as Muslims and non-Muslims are often enemies.

Washington Post: DALLAS — The lone gunman and Army veteran who killed five Dallas law enforcement officers Thursday night in an apparent rage over the deaths of black people at the hands of white police had been increasingly exploring black nationalism, said acquaintances here, even as he compiled a thick journal of combat-style techniques that authorities recovered from his home.

Babu Omowale, a co-founder of the city’s People’s New Black Panther Party, said Micah Xavier Johnson had attended several meetings of the black nationalist group but had never been to the group’s armed gatherings. “We had no idea what the brother’s mentality was,” said Omowale.

“He was just someone searching for knowledge about himself, like most young people searching for how they can change this world for the best,” said Akwete Tyehimba, who met Johnson in May, when he went into her shop, Pan-African Connection — a Dallas bookshop and African-arts store where like-minded activists gather.

“We had just a very brief conversation, but he was a nice young man, like most of the other young people who were there,” Tyehimba said, and one who carried himself with strength and confidence. “He fit right in.”

…On his Facebook page, Johnson posted an image of a fist with the text “Black Power.” He also expressed interest on his Facebook page in the People’s New Black Panther Party, which the Southern Poverty Law Center describes as a “virulently racist and anti-Semitic organization.”

…Johnson served one tour of duty in Afghanistan between November 2013 and July 2014. While he was there, a female soldier in his unit accused Johnson of sexual harassment. She said Johnson required “mental health” help and sought a protective order against him, according to Bradford Glendening, a military lawyer who represented Johnson….

Some of Johnson’s high school friends and people who knew him from the military took to Facebook in the aftermath of the shooting to express shock and grief — and also loyalty.

“Micah was my very close friend. I refuse to remember him as anything less,” a former high school classmate, Stanlee Washington, wrote on his own Facebook page.

Hunt responded to that post, saying he would go to Johnson’s funeral: “He’s still our friend.”

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