What Makes The Rabbinical Council Of California The Most Powerful Orthodox Institution In Town?

It’s the killer combination of Rabbi Gershon Bessthe savviest politician among the traditional Orthodox rabbinate in Los Angeles — and Rabbi Avrohom Union, a nasty street fighter who administers the RCC.

In my mind, being skilled at politics and being skilled at street fighting are not bad things. They are dangerous weapons to use for good and for evil. The RCC does good and ill. I’m not sure if it does more of one than the other.

Discuss these lofty issues on my live cam where all the gedolim rejoice.

As an ex put it to me: "You are unbelievably crude, so rude to so many people, you don’t care about how you look, and worst of all, you’re religious."

When you enter my chat room, please remember to say the correct bracha for meeting a sage.

When you type a question to me in my chat room, remember that I am likely to be occupied with either Torah study or fact-checking or Alexander Technique, so I may not be able to answer you right away. Would you march on up to Rabbi Bess and expect an answer right away? No, I thought not. So please show some respect to the Moral Leader.

It is not necessary to stand up when I enter the chat room, though it is always appreciated.

I know you’re probably saying, "Chanele, he’s off his meds again, come look!" Please know that I consider these sentiments hurtful and non-inclusive.

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