Steve Sailer: Hillary Doesn’t Think She Has a Drinking Problem, She Thinks She Has a Drinking Solution


Steve Sailer writes: There’s always a lot of interesting news that gets released over a long Fourth of July weekend…

In other words, Hillary may have a sizable drinking problem.

There must have been long delicate conversations in the New York Times headquarters about their institutional responsibility to at least mention to the public that Hillary has what some people might consider a drinking problem, while still burying the news over a long weekend.

Granted, as comic Jake Johannsen says when showing audiences the flask he carries in his pocket on tour, she doesn’t think she has a problem, she thinks she has a solution.


* I’m scared (and elated) at what Donald Trump, the proud teetotaler, will do with this… It’s going to be hilarious.

* The puffy face gives it away. Teddy Kennedy and William Shatner are other examples. The three of them together would look like siblings.

* There are several articles describing lesbians being at higher risk of alcoholism if one web-searches it.

* It’s quite an accomplishment for Donald to have banged the number and quality of women he has while teetotaling. Many if not most have an optimal level of intoxication required to lower inhibitions and relax, especially when dealing with ultra high end beauties. Trump was doing so before he was a name and wealthy. His relative lack of a filter when speaking is most likely related to this – a more optimal level of inhibitions generally. Perhaps it goes along with being so quick on his feet – if you can listen, process, formulate excellent replies in real time, that would both eliminate need for a filter and give one a relaxed, confident nature.

* I can’t imagine living with Hillary’s severe personality disorder and NOT turning to the bottle. I’m sure former Politburo members and assorted Soviet apparatchiks would sympathize quite easily with her boozy fight from reality. The vodka martinis probably dissipate the paranoia and homicidal rage. What a seriously disturbed woman she is…

* Wouldn’t surprise me if she is a alky. It would explain her physical deterioration and general morbid obesity.

Here’s the thing, she can afford the best medical care and fitness trainers in the world. Yet she looks like s**t at her age. Extremely bloated and incapable staying on her feet for any length of time. She’s in bad shape, just like the creepy husband of hers.

* In my Washington days I had heard Ms. Clinton likes to drink but never heard anyone say they had seen her out of control. In contrast, the woman who was initially floated as her Senate replacement, Carolyn Maloney (D-Manhattan) was a pathetic drunk who my wife and I would encounter periodically staggering around Capitol Hill late at night when we were walking the dog.

* Furthermore, loading booze on top of her cumadin and thyroid meds is going to take it’s toll sooner, rather than later. I’m amazed the woman is still functional. Her liver must look like an old ballet slipper. Her brain, like an ancient lava lamp.

* Hillary is very wide around the middle and getting wider due to the stress of campaigning. She drapes long long jackets down past her middle in an attempt to hide this. Her trusty K-Mart pantsuits are not up to the job anymore.
Her face does not reflect how damn fat she is getting. Especially with the professional makeup job she gets for all public appearances and the lighting she tries to get. And her team tries to limit photos to head shots.
Good photo of fatso Hillary.

I am hip to the trick of draping over the midsection because my sister was doing it. Then she lost 50 lbs and stopped. And for those who care, Hillary’s big problem is her thyroid.

* It’s pretty obvious by now that Hillary will be finished by the first presidential debate. The moment the cameras zoom in on her hideous face, that’s it. While cameras love Trump, they will show Hillary for what she is: a shrivelled old lesbian, prematurely senile, in poor health, a hideous pathetic creature doped up to the gills to remain semi-functional. The Dem camp is desperate cause they know Trump will just sweep the floor with the old harpy without even trying, just by showing up and being his charismatic self.

* Bill is going to show up with his thoughts.

Bill is going to be the one schmoozing people.

A guy my husband knows describes Bill thus, he was the kind of guy you could get along with. He was pleasant to have beer with and talk to at bar b ques etc., but the wife was a b****.

This is going to be Bill’s third term.

She is a former first lady and totally incompetent Sec. of State. No one respects her. No one wants to have a drink with her! Of course, they wouldn’t mind a beer and some White House snacks and chat with Bill.

She wants folks to come over and talk to Bill. His health is poor and he doesn’t get out as much. They could talk behind closed doors yada yada.

Hillary is Ma Ferguson.

* Bill Clinton seems to have had some brain damage due to his heart surgery. The condition is called “post bypass surgery cognitive dysfunction” or “pump head.”

* What’s the deal with the GOP that keeps foisting these tea-totalers on us? Dubya, Mitt and now Trump.

At least McCain married a beer distributor.

* John Tower was amazingly, over the top corrupt, even by DC standards at the time, to the point where he would have been a serious national security risk as Defense Secretary (of course the same could be said of Clinton). DC likes to come up with personal behavior as an excuse to remove politicians, when the actual reasons can’t be made public. They try to hide how corrupt these guys are. I am old enough to remember the Tower confirmation and it was even pointed out, in mainstream media, at the time that the personal stuff was being used as a cover for the fact that they guy was just too corrupt for the job.

Historically -and I agree with Dr. Kill- politics is one trade where drunks can function quite effectively. Politicians and alcohol run the gamut from Lincoln, who abstained from alcohol, to drunks such as his contemporary the Canadian Prime Minster MacDonald. But the thing is there seems to be no obvious impact to effectiveness/ statesmanship or the lack thereof. It has to get to the point where the politician is likely to keel over dead suddenly for there to be a real problem.

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