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There’s No Business Model For Telling The Truth (6-20-23)

01:00 Truth, news, never pay, https://www.motherjones.com/media/2023/06/news-never-pays/ 16:00 Dennis Prager Falls Into The Conspiracy Rabbit Hole, https://lukeford.net/blog/?p=148655 29:00 The two conspiracy theories I buy — government surveillance used for nefarious purposes, and sexual blackmail controls a great deal of the world … Continue reading

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United States of A-Merit-A

Dennis decried affirmative action on his Youtube show June 19, 2023: “Society will suffer because merit will no longer be the reason for any position. It says to the ones who work hard, don’t bother working hard because we’re no … Continue reading

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The Confluence of the Gurosphere

On a Patreon video called “The Confluence of the Gurosphere” released June 16, 2023, Chris Kavanagh said to Matt Browne: “I wanted to discuss with you… the…energies that cause the gurus to swirl together in ever-tightening cosmic spiral of shitness.” … Continue reading

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