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Is Soccer Boring?

Not to me. Here are some comments on Steve Sailer’s site: * Messi and the Argentine team had felt disrespected by Van Gaal and the Dutch team’s attitude and comments before the game, and especially by the latter’s height-ist style … Continue reading

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Israel’s Dumb Culture

Steve Sailer writes: “I’m reminded of how Israel doesn’t score that highly on tests, which likely has something to do with the ancient Zionist policy of de-intellectualizing Israeli Jews, that the new Jews forged in Israel weren’t just going to … Continue reading

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Elaina Plott writes: * Forsyth County was a calm, quiet, ordered place. But it had a history. In September 1912, an 18-year-old white girl was found bloodied and barely breathing in the woods lining the Chattahoochee River; she died two … Continue reading

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Religion In A Secular Age

As the world grows more secular with every passing year, it seems that when religion hits the news, it almost always looks bad. To more effectively compete, religious leaders need to develop secular language to describe what is going on. … Continue reading

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