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The Dance Goes On

From the New York Review of Books: Four elements were at the center of the Hasidic sensibility. These elements were given different meanings and permutations in subsequent developments, and the weight of each of them differs from one Hasidic court … Continue reading

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From the New York Review of Books: * A merit of Reporter is the way in which it divulges Hersh’s trade secrets: Be a bookworm (“read before you write”); work the graveyard shift (late one evening in 1967, he allowed … Continue reading

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Rabbi Used Martin Buber’s I-Thou Philosophy To Seduce Women

From the Forward: A senior leader of the Reform movement whose rabbinic privileges were briefly suspended two decades ago for “personal relationships” that violated ethical codes in fact sexually harassed or assaulted at least three women, including one who was … Continue reading

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Trump & TV

From the New York Review of Books: * For though Trump is an attention guzzler—he wants an audience to notice him every hour of every day—he has a smaller need than the average politician for wide popularity. An extra skin … Continue reading

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Impression Management

From ReadySetPsych: Personality is not fixed. Your personality adapts depending on the situation you find yourself in. This is completely normal. Even without thinking about it, you will act differently depending on the situation. Emotions are the same way. It … Continue reading

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