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The Malicious Journalist Hypothesis (2-18-21)

00:00 The demonic/malicious worldview, https://mynewbandis.substack.com/p/slate-star-clusterfuck 19:00 Revisiting my falling out with Brundlefly from Sept. 2, 2019, https://rumble.com/vdvf1d-resurrecting-the-old-right-and-falling-out-with-brundlefly.html 1:23:00 Richard Spencer on Jewish intelligence, paranoia, Laura Loomer, https://twitter.com/RichardBSpencer/status/1362503605454921728 1:26:00 What Goes Around Comes Around: Liberaltarian Meltdown at Niskanen Center, https://www.unz.com/isteve/what-goes-around-comes-around-liberaltarian-meltdown/ 1:31:00 … Continue reading

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The Malicious Journalist Thesis

Elizabeth Spiers writes: * The malicious journalist thesis is the one that was the hardest on my ocular muscles yesterday. Scott Alexander—the figure at the center of the piece—believes this, and has advanced this theory that the journalist who wrote … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh, RIP

Comments at Steve Sailer: * Rush’s biggest influence was in teaching regular conservatives to talk back. There had been conservative media organizations before, and of course Buckley and National Review were institutions by the time he became popular in the … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh’s Sacramento rise

On a 1 to 10, how would you rate your favorite radio hosts? I have not listened to the radio in about five years. I mainly tuned in to KGO radio during the years I worked in landscaping (1986-1988) and … Continue reading

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