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Revisions and Dissents: Essays

Paul Gottfried writes in this 2017 book: A classical or essentialist Right is hard to find in the contemporary Western world, where journalists and other assorted intellectuals rush to denounce its bearers—or even partial bearers—as “fascists.” That may be one … Continue reading

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Maoism: A Global History

Julia Lovell writes in her 2019 book: * After 1949, the book’s [Red Star Over China] message would come full circle. Even though Mao himself never showed any desire to go back to Yan’an, the symbolic birthplace of Maoism, he … Continue reading

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The Varieties Of The Orthodox Experience

* Those Orthodox Jews who burn with passion. These amount to no fewer than 25% of the frum Jews I know. * Those who have never experienced any other way of living. All of their friends and family are Orthodox. … Continue reading

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