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Accepting Reality

Kyle Rowland writes: Reactionary thinkers often note the importance of differences. That is to say, they note that different races, different genders, different classes, different individuals have different traits, and to some extent must be treated differently. If someone is … Continue reading

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Is Google Calling Trump’s Bluff?

Comments at Steve Sailer: * Alphabet is calling Trump’s bluff. They may have concluded, with justification, that Trump is too weak and ditzy to actually go after his enemies and press an anti-trust case. The risk here is that even … Continue reading

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From Blogosphere to Vlogosphere

Anatoly Karlin writes: times the views as writing out a more labor intensive and K-selected blog post. The Alt Right child prodigy “soph” – recently profiled by Mr. Bernstein – is currently just shy of a million subscribers on YouTube. … Continue reading

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